Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My New Shoe

I guess a lot of people may surprise on something.

In sudden, I am going for a job interview tomorrow.
I feel a bit nervous of it.
Hope that I can still get into sleep tonight.

My old formal shoe was spoilt during my internship.
For tomorrow's interview, I need to seek for a new shoe.
I went Georgetown to seek for my shoe.

It was a tough mission for me.
Due to insufficient fund, my budget for shoe is only RM100.
It limited the choices.
Moreover, I was searching for shoe with size of 12.
Quite a big shoe ya.

I looked for a many shops.
When I found shoe I want, mostly there is no size for me.

When I almost gave up finding shoe in Prangin Mall,
a great shop appeared.
I found shoes and they are within my budget.
I asked the boss and he told me he has shoes for my sizes.
I tried it. And I bought it. It costs me RM49.

What makes me feel satisfied is that,
the boss is friendly.
We were talking for 20 minutes I guess before I left the shop.

A thumb up for the shop as well as the boss.
I will feel happy to visit that shop again next time.

Well, that shop is Mirano Shoe Enterprise.