Monday, 5 September 2011

OSKIC 2011 Is Starting!

Finally, I saw the announcement from OSKIC in their Facebook today.
OSKIC is now back!

I glanced through the web.
This year, OCKIC is going to be more interesting!

Last year, there were individual prize and university prize.
This year, there are group contest as well as lecturer contest.
Cool, interesting, isn't it?

Furthermore, the prize is even more attractive.
The winner for individual category will have RM25,000 while RM30,000 for group category!
More prizes are giving out this year!

Well, for those who don't know what's OSKIC, its full name is actually OSK Investment Challenge.
It's a competition on stock market.
It gives students to have a better understanding on how the financial market works.
It gives students also the opportunity on gaining experience in the stock market.

It's good to join, isn't it?
It's a good chance for those who wish to learn about stock market investment to learn about it.

Let's try! Good luck!

OSKIC website:

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