Friday, 9 September 2011

OSKIC 2011 Roadshow At KDU, Penang

OSKIC came to Penang to have roadshows.
There was roadshow in INTI International College yesterday.
Today, it's at KDU from 10am to 3pm.

I woke up early today to visit there.

After it starts, people were coming in.
A lot of people were registering at the counters.

Goodies bag will be given to those who registered in the road show.
So, students in KDU, what are you waiting for? Go down to register yourself to grab the goodies bag!

There were quizzes held every hour.
Prizes will be given to the winner too.

Haha. It's quite a good roadshow.
It makes me feeling more excited toward the contest this year.

There are also roadshows on next week!

12 Sept (Monday) : SEGI Damansara
13 Sept (Tuesday) : KL Metrooilitan University

Find out more about OSKIC at or OSKIC Facebook.


  1. How I wish OSK can come UTAR(Perak) to promote?
    Overwhelming responses from my friends & UTARIANs hehe..

  2. I believe OSKIC is trying their best now. ZB, get more friends to join. Perhaps, in next coming events organized by OSKIC, you all can have carpool together to go. That will be excited.

  3. I already formed a OSKIC utar group. I have almost 200 members inside ^^
    yea.miss a lot of chance with OSK.