Monday, 22 February 2010

What's going on?

What's going on?
Why there were so many things happened early in the morning.

I was sleeping.
And, I had a bad dream.
Or, maybe can be considered as good ones too.
My friend and I were taking ferry.
My friend failed to stop the car and we fall into see.
I was really scare,
because I don't know how to swim.
I am safe at the end.

Then I woke up.
I switched on my handphone.
I was informed that there is no Accounting Theory and Practise classes until 4th March.
So out presentation postponed.

After I switched on my laptop,
my nose was bleeding!
Oh no!
I hate it!

Just few minutes after that,
I broke my shoe.

It's just early in the morning,
why there is so many things happened?

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Toudai's Motor Stolen

I met my toudai at Xiao Er Kopitiam yesterday.
We were talking for about 5 hours.
When we were leaving,
she found that her motorcycle wasn't the.

Oh no!
Why would that happened?!

Why the safety is so terrible?!
Really feel disappointed with the society.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Lighting of Time

Time flies,
time shoots,
time is really fast.

I am going back to UUM again tomorrow.
I have a feeling that my holiday has just started yesterday.
This Chinese New Year,
is quite a busy holiday.

Going to leave Penang tomorrow,
goodbye to Penang again.

Monday, 15 February 2010

CNY & Valentine Day

Chinese New Year and Valentine Day fall in the same day yesterday.
How to manage the time for CNY and Valentine,
that's the question.

Most people understand that they should celebrate CNY with family rather then Valentine.
the best choice?

I think should be postponed or celebrate the Valentine Day earlier.

I guess the gift shop's revenue dropped a lot comparing last year.
Valentine is obviously the earning generator for Valentine Day.
Crashing with CNY,
is really not a good matter for them.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

A Belated Gift

I was reading book just now,
my dad came into the room and gave some letters to me.

When I opened a letter,
it was a card for me.
From a great friend of mine.
It's just a simple birthday card.

I like that card very much!!

Reunion Dinner

Tomorrow is going to be Chinese New Year!
So, tonight is going to be the reunion dinner.

This year,
I am going to have it just in my house.

Will I stay awake until 12 o'clock tonight?
I think so.

Hope you enjoy your reunion dinner!

Gong Xi Ga Cai!

Friday, 12 February 2010

After Back to Home

I came back home yesterday.

This is the second time I come back home in this semester.
I came back home very often.

This semester,
I am really not the same,
this is the second time back home.

I was having 2 classes yesterday,
Company Law , and
Accounting Theory and Practice.

I went home after both the classes.

I took UNIPER.

I prefer UNIPER.
The bus is more comfortable,
and their service is better.
When the bus arrived,
they even phoned us to notify us.
It's good.

UNIPER, keep it on!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Going back home


I am back to update my blog again.
my mood isn't really good.

But later,
I am going back home!
I will have time to take a rest.

not really a rest,
just a rest in academic.

I was busy with my assignment in these 2 weeks.
I almost don't have time for my investment.

It's just not like me.
I don't bother about my academic.
If I was still the previous me,
I guess I will be in home right not.

I have change,
haven't I?

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

No Consumer Right in UUM?

This year,
the bus fare of UUM is included in our school fees.
Everybody is compulsory to pay it,
regardless whether do you take bus.

We are compulsory to pay,
and yet the services is worse than previously!

Where is the consumer right?!?!?

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Time Flies

This morning,
I posted 'time flies' in both Facebook and Twitter.
Now, I am posting it in my blog.

Time's really fast!

I have so many assignments waiting me to complete.
I have many things to do.

I planned to read 50 books this year.
I need to read one book each week.
This week is the 5th week of 2010,
yet I completed just the third book today.
I am really behind the time a lot!

I need to chase it back faster!

Lcorner Is Back

Lcorner server was down.
The server provider told me that the DNS server was down.
I afraid the members will feel angry.
More or less,
they will feel anger a little bit.
Whether angry or not,
I hope they will continue to visit Lcorner.

Lcorner post has dropped to lowest point since I have taken over.
And several incidents happened in Lcorner.
I hope everything will over soon.

Lcorner server has recover,
Let's visit Lcorner again at

Monday, 1 February 2010


I am not happy with myself!
I spent such a long time to complete my assignment!
After I have idea in the evening with my groupmate,
I went back my room to start typing it.
I sat in front of my laptop,
typing it,
reading the notes and question.

I started it at 7 o'clock,
I finished it at 1 o'clock!

That's really bad result!

I don't satisfy with my outcome.
If given 10 marks,
I think I will rate only 2.
What a bad job of mine.

After I completed,
I surf to Lcorner,
there were only 444 posts in the last day of January.
It is the lowest record since I stepped up as administrator.

A bad day?

It recalls me the song, BAD DAY.