Wednesday, 30 June 2010

World Cup 2010 Quarter Final

Japan lost to Paraguay in penalty while Spain defeated Portugal with 1-0.

World Cup is getting excited!
It's going to be quarter final!

The last 8 teams who enter the quarter final are:
1. Uruguay
2. Ghana
3. Netherlands
4. Brazil
5. Argentina
6. Germany
7. Paraguay
8. Spain

4 South America teams, 3 Europe teams and one 1 Africa team.

Who is going to be the last team standing?
I still strongly believe Argentina can be the champion!

Schedule for quarter final:

Uruguay vs Ghana
Netherlands vs Brazil

3 July
Argentina vs Germany
Paraguay vs Spain

Badminton Is burning Inside My Heart Again

I played badminton a lot during this holiday.
Not really this holiday, but these three weeks.

Thanks to Soony,
he invites me to play badminton.

I played with Soony as well as his friends.
Zi Hur joined us too.

Yesterday's performance was really disappointed.
I won only one game.
I did a lot of mistakes.

I decided to play and train my badminton skill again.
I am planning to buy new racket too.
I need a better racket.

I am going to play badminton again.
I hope I won't make too many mistakes today.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

World Cup 2010 Last 16

Third round of World Cup 2010 group stage has ended.
The Last 16 battles are going to be on show.

Last 16 matches:

Uruguay vs Korea Republic
United States vs Ghana
Netherlands vs Slovakia
Brazil vs Chile
Argentina vs Mexico
Germany vs England
Paraguay vs Japan
Spain vs Portugal

The two greatest matches in Last 16 should be Germany vs England and Spain vs Portugal.
Some friends of mine are already waiting for both of the matches.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Reward From Online Survey

This morning,
a postman delivered something to me.

I surprised.
What would I receive?

I thought it might be dividend,
but still feeling weird.
Because dividend will not be delivered like this.

After I signed for the delivery,
I opened it up.

Then only I recalled,
it's vouchers that I redeemed by an online survey.

I received two McD vouchers.

England and Germany Successfully Enter The Next Round

Defoe and Ozil helped England and Germany to defeat the opponents with 1-0.
Thus, both England and Germany get the tickets for the Last 16.

England is going to play with Germany in the Last 16.
England managed to be just the runner-up of group C.
So, they are going to play with the winner of group D (Germany).

11 teams have gotten the tickets for Last 16:
1. Uruguay
2. Mexico
3. Argentina
4. Korea Republic
5. United States
6. England
7. Germany
8. Ghana
9. Netherlands
10. Brazil
11. Chile

Last 16 matches:
Uruguay vs Korea Republic
United States vs Ghana
Mexico vs Argentina
Germany vs England
*Netherlands, Brazil and Chile still need to play to decide whether are they the winner or the runner-up of the group.

Today matches:

Group E
Denmark vs Japan
Netherlands vs Cameroon

Can Japan be the second Asia team that enter to the Last 16?
I believe the chance is there.
As long as Japan gets at least a draw,
Japan would get the ticket for Last 16.
So I think 50% chance is there for Japan to enter to the next round.
Netherlands has secured the ticket for Last 16.
But they need to play this match to decide whether are they the winner or the runner-up of the group.
Comparing the recent performances,
The chance for Netherlands to win is very high.
But, will they keep their players for the next stage since they have had the ticket for Last 16?
We will know about it tonight.

Group F
Slovakia vs Italy
Paraguay vs New Zealand

Italy's performances disappointed a lot of football fans.
But if they win against Slovakia,
They will be entering to the next round.
I strongly believe that Italy will win the match as well as Paraguay.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

As A Guide for New UUM Students

Students who are applying for IPTA have known the results last Friday.
My brother gets the offer from UUM.
So we will be in the same university.

These few days,
I have been helping my brother and his friends about UUM stuffs.
I become their UUM-guide.

I followed my brother to MBS to get the documents to be certified.
I was answering and giving guide to his friend in MBS as well.

I like to help them.
I was a new student like them too.
I understand the panic that they are facing now.
So I will try my best to help them.

Today, in school,
I talked to Madam Lee and Madam Tan.
I did talk to Madam Lee few times,
but rarely talk to Madam Tan.
I talked to her today,
but just few sentences,
because she was busy today.

GOOD LUCK to all people who have been offered to enter university!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

June 22, 2010: Not Really A Good Day

I played badminton yesterday (22nd June).
I performed much worse than last Friday.
I didn't satisfy with my performance yesterday.

Yesterday's evening,
I saw a butterfly.
its wing fall and stuck with the water.
It was trying to fly up,
but failed to.

I tried to save it.
I tried to remove it to other place.
I saw its wing was broken.
Maybe I am the one who broke its wing.

At the end,
it seems dying.
I failed to save it.
That makes me feel down.

Sorry, butterfly, I have been trying to save you, but I failed to.
I wish you are able to survive.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

One Month Anniversary With HER

20th May 2010 is a memorable moment for me.
It's the day I start a relationship.

It has been one month.
I hope we can be together forever.

To my beloved,

3 words for you.


Friday, 18 June 2010

The First World Cup Match That I Watched for 90 Minutes

I watched Argentina versus Korea Republic last night.
It was the first match that I watched for 90 minutes.

I went Queensbay Mall yesterday.
After I back home,
I decided to go watching World Cup with my friends.

Jeng fetched me to the coffee shop.
Jeng, Zi Hur, his girl friend, KY, Terris and I were watching together.

The match was kicked off at a half past 7.
That match can be considered as not bad.
Argentina defeated Korea Republic by 4-1.
Higuain scored 3 goals.
He became the first hat-trick hero of the tournament.
He played badly last game,
and he became hat-trick hero this game,
that's cool!

This match became the match with the most goals in this tournament so far.

After Argentina versus Korea Republic,
it's Greece versus Nigeria.
We didn't watch it.
Greece won by 2-1.

Then, the match follow by France versus Mexico.
Oh no!
France lost by 0-2!
What's France doing!?


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Will North Korea Continue the Miracle?

Korea Republic defeated Greece.
Japan defeated Cameroon.

it's North Korea's turn to get on the field.
Can they continue the miracle for Asia?

If North Korea wins the match,
I believe year 2010 will become a great historical year for Asia in World Cup.

So, can North Korea make it?

that hardly to be happened.


Because their opponent is going to be BRAZIL!

Whether can the miracle continue?

We will know it after 13 hours.

Europe in World Cup 2010

It's another draw for Europe's strong team.
Italy got only a 1-1 tie with Paraguay.

3 strong Europe teams have failed to win their opponents:
France, England and Italy.

Slovakia and Portugal are going to play against New Zealand and Ivory Coast.
If Slovakia fail to win over New Zealand,
Europe is really having a great challenge.

Today matches:
Slovakia vs New Zealand
Ivory Coast vs Portugal
Brazil vs North Korea

How Many People Left?

everytime I updated my blog,
I would post in my Twitter and Facebook.

I don't do it.

I am wondering how many friends do visit my blog.

Will it be NONE?

But I think my friends who visit my blog weekly,
will not more than 5.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

The First Europe Team To Win The Match?

5 matches are over.
Until now,
none of the Europe teams win.

In the first day,
France failed to defeat Uruguay.

In the second day,
Greece was defeated by Korea Republic while England tied with United States.

Both France and England are considered strong teams in World Cup,
but both of them couldn't defeat their opponents.

This is what I told my friends,
Europe teams will be having a big challenge in World Cup 2010.

Although Argentina won Nigeria with only 1 goal,
I do still believe that Argentina could be the winner of World Cup this time.

I strongly believe South America teams (Argentina and Brazil) have greater advantages this time.
The conditions (e.g. environment, culture and weather) in Africa bring more disadvantages to Europe teams than the South Americans.

3 Europe teams,
Slovenia, Serbia and Germany,
are going to play against Algeria, Ghana and Australia respectively.
I still don't think Europe would get an early winning.
Probably, Slovenia and Serbia couldn't defeat their opponent successfully.
But for Germany,
I think they stand a chance to be the first Europe team in World Cup 2010 to defeat the opponent.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Korea Republic 2-0 Greece

Among the Asia's representatives,
I put the most hope on Korea Republic.
I predict they would enter the next round.

they show to us that Korea Republic isn't weak.
They won with 2 goals!
A lot of people,
a lot of Malaysian,
a lot of Asia people,
are cheering for them.

Park Ji Sung cored a goal.
He is really the hero of Asia in football industry.
He plays in Manchester United.
He isn't only a Manchester United's player,
but one of the outstanding players for Manchester United.
He is the first Asian footballer who make it so far.

However, today is just the beginning of the journey.
Korea Republic is going to play against Argentina on 17th June,
and Nigeria on 22nd June.
I hope they could perform very well and make it to the next round!

First 2 Matches Are Tied

World Cup 2010 has finally been kicked off.
South Africa and Mexico took the kick off for the tournament this year.
Many football fans were cheering for it!

South Africa scored the first goal of the tournament in 55th minute.
Unfortunately, Mexico equalized at 79th minute.
It made the match tied with 1-1.

France went on the second match against Uruguay.
It's another tie.
France tied with Uruguay without any goal.

3 more matches coming up next today:
Greece vs Korea Republic
Argentina vs Nigeria
England vs USA

I think Argentina should able to win the game.
There are people saying that I am Argentina's super fans.
I would like to clarify again.
I am just predicting that Argentina would win the tournament.
It doesn't mean I am Argentina's fans.

Friday, 11 June 2010

World Cup 2010

It's going to be the World Cup 2010!
The football fever is going to lit up again!

After 14 hours,
the first match is going to be kicked off.

South Africa versus Mexico.

S.Africa as the host for the World Cup 2010 is going to take the kick of for this tournament.
In history,
the host has never lost in the first match.
I think S.Africa will continue the tradition.

Is that really going to happen,
we will know the answer tonight!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Buying New Mobile Phone

These few days,
I was asking about mobile phone.
I planned to buy.

My main focus is the camera.
My friends recommend me to buy Sony Ericsson.
I was interested to buy the C902.

I really wished to buy it.
But now,
I think I will postpone it.
I scare I will face cash flow problem,
so I probably won't buy it yet.

it will be my target to buy it this year.
Hope I could get it.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Finally I Finished Another Book

I finished another book,
Soros: The World's Most Influential Investor,
by Robert Slater.

The book talks about George Soros.
He is really a great investor,
some say speculator.

I admire his talent.

This book give me a better understanding about him.
I know about him better now.

This is my 9th book that I have finished.
My target is to finish 50 books this year.
It seems like I am very far from the target now.
I need to work harder!

Monday, 7 June 2010

I Couldn't Sleep Well

I couldn't sleep well again these 2 days.
I slept at 11 something last night.
I woke up few times.
If not mistaken,
I woke up once every hour after 2 o'clock.

Why is this happen?

I think it probably because many things are inside my mind.

9.30a.m. later,
SHE is going for activities for about 2 weeks.
I am going to miss her very much.
I think I will probably feel these 2 weeks pass slowly.
I miss her,
I wish to see her.

I am wondering whether will the market drops today.
I mean the share market, not the fish market.
I am going to sell some shares for cash.
I think I have made up my mind of what should I do.

I am not sure will I regret on my decision.
This decision is made based on my personal problems,
not on my investment intelligence.
for sure, that wouldn't be a wise decision,
just, I hope I won't feel very regret on this decision.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Repeated Problems

something is running around my mind.

A problem.

Cash flow problem AGAIN.

I fall into cash flow problem once and once again.
Why am I really failed to control my cash flow.
Is it because, as a friend of mine said,
I should reduce my aggressiveness in investment?

I downsized my portfolio before due to cash flow problem.
But thereafter,
I successfully made my portfolio to recover a little bit.
Is it that recovery shouldn't be done?

Earning versus cash flow.
This question is very hard to be answered right?

Even it can be answered,
it's hard to achieve the greatest solution,

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Say Good Bye to May 2010

Another month passed.
Time flies.

We are now in June 2010.
World Cup is going to start!
Football fever is on heat!
But, I don't feel the 'fire' inside my heart.
I don't like football as much as I liked in the past anymore.

So, the World Cup doesn't mean a lot to me this month.

Let's talk back about myself.

May 2010 is a very wonderful month for me.
It left me a lot of wonderful memories.
I hope June 2010 will be another great month for me.

In June,
I am going to be more hardworking.

I felt that I am far behind from what I should be.
Now, I have made some changes,
I wish I will have a better journey now.