Sunday, 13 June 2010

The First Europe Team To Win The Match?

5 matches are over.
Until now,
none of the Europe teams win.

In the first day,
France failed to defeat Uruguay.

In the second day,
Greece was defeated by Korea Republic while England tied with United States.

Both France and England are considered strong teams in World Cup,
but both of them couldn't defeat their opponents.

This is what I told my friends,
Europe teams will be having a big challenge in World Cup 2010.

Although Argentina won Nigeria with only 1 goal,
I do still believe that Argentina could be the winner of World Cup this time.

I strongly believe South America teams (Argentina and Brazil) have greater advantages this time.
The conditions (e.g. environment, culture and weather) in Africa bring more disadvantages to Europe teams than the South Americans.

3 Europe teams,
Slovenia, Serbia and Germany,
are going to play against Algeria, Ghana and Australia respectively.
I still don't think Europe would get an early winning.
Probably, Slovenia and Serbia couldn't defeat their opponent successfully.
But for Germany,
I think they stand a chance to be the first Europe team in World Cup 2010 to defeat the opponent.

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