Thursday, 24 June 2010

England and Germany Successfully Enter The Next Round

Defoe and Ozil helped England and Germany to defeat the opponents with 1-0.
Thus, both England and Germany get the tickets for the Last 16.

England is going to play with Germany in the Last 16.
England managed to be just the runner-up of group C.
So, they are going to play with the winner of group D (Germany).

11 teams have gotten the tickets for Last 16:
1. Uruguay
2. Mexico
3. Argentina
4. Korea Republic
5. United States
6. England
7. Germany
8. Ghana
9. Netherlands
10. Brazil
11. Chile

Last 16 matches:
Uruguay vs Korea Republic
United States vs Ghana
Mexico vs Argentina
Germany vs England
*Netherlands, Brazil and Chile still need to play to decide whether are they the winner or the runner-up of the group.

Today matches:

Group E
Denmark vs Japan
Netherlands vs Cameroon

Can Japan be the second Asia team that enter to the Last 16?
I believe the chance is there.
As long as Japan gets at least a draw,
Japan would get the ticket for Last 16.
So I think 50% chance is there for Japan to enter to the next round.
Netherlands has secured the ticket for Last 16.
But they need to play this match to decide whether are they the winner or the runner-up of the group.
Comparing the recent performances,
The chance for Netherlands to win is very high.
But, will they keep their players for the next stage since they have had the ticket for Last 16?
We will know about it tonight.

Group F
Slovakia vs Italy
Paraguay vs New Zealand

Italy's performances disappointed a lot of football fans.
But if they win against Slovakia,
They will be entering to the next round.
I strongly believe that Italy will win the match as well as Paraguay.

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