Monday, 7 June 2010

I Couldn't Sleep Well

I couldn't sleep well again these 2 days.
I slept at 11 something last night.
I woke up few times.
If not mistaken,
I woke up once every hour after 2 o'clock.

Why is this happen?

I think it probably because many things are inside my mind.

9.30a.m. later,
SHE is going for activities for about 2 weeks.
I am going to miss her very much.
I think I will probably feel these 2 weeks pass slowly.
I miss her,
I wish to see her.

I am wondering whether will the market drops today.
I mean the share market, not the fish market.
I am going to sell some shares for cash.
I think I have made up my mind of what should I do.

I am not sure will I regret on my decision.
This decision is made based on my personal problems,
not on my investment intelligence.
for sure, that wouldn't be a wise decision,
just, I hope I won't feel very regret on this decision.

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