Wednesday, 23 June 2010

As A Guide for New UUM Students

Students who are applying for IPTA have known the results last Friday.
My brother gets the offer from UUM.
So we will be in the same university.

These few days,
I have been helping my brother and his friends about UUM stuffs.
I become their UUM-guide.

I followed my brother to MBS to get the documents to be certified.
I was answering and giving guide to his friend in MBS as well.

I like to help them.
I was a new student like them too.
I understand the panic that they are facing now.
So I will try my best to help them.

Today, in school,
I talked to Madam Lee and Madam Tan.
I did talk to Madam Lee few times,
but rarely talk to Madam Tan.
I talked to her today,
but just few sentences,
because she was busy today.

GOOD LUCK to all people who have been offered to enter university!

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