Monday, 18 February 2008

It's UUM again

Again, I am going to say about UUM. In recent post, I always talk about UUM. I can’t express how much I hate UUM! If you want me to point out a day that I feel happy in UUM, it’s such as asking me to find a vegetarian tiger.

Whenever I want to express my feeling about my life here, I will be having problem what to write because the hatred inside my heart toward it is really much!

Sometime, I am able to be motivated by some songs and movies. After I watched Kung Fu Dunk, I am really motivated. I went back UUM at the evening of the day I watched. The first day I back to UUM, I am really motivated, I tried not to waste any minutes. I was reading my book. But sooner, in just two days time, my motivation is totally gone.

My brother always says, ‘all humans are different because of genetic factor and environmental effect.’

I am actually very agreeing with that.

I got a very good result in my STPM, it’s totally an unexpected. I don’t even think that I could get such result. All the people who are closed to me know that the probability for me is lower than 5%. That result had surprised a lot of people. I always say that it’s not only my own effort, it’s help from the environment. I would say, it is 90% help from the environment. The environment I meant isn’t the plants, the air etc, it’s about things happened around me and people around me. There are few people who have really motivated me a lot. There are too lot motivations that moment! With such situation, I have to say myself is a rubbish if I am failed to get any A.

Now in UUM, everything is the opposite, I tried to perform my study method but I failed to. I have tried various kinds of way but I am still failed to do so. There are too much negative here than positive.

Sometimes, I was asking myself, ‘I am so unhappy in UUM, how am I going to pass trough this entire years in UUM?’

Friday, 8 February 2008

The morning of 2nd day of CNY

The year of mouse has reached, my birthday has passed, I am already 20 years old.

What can I accomplished in the age of 20? I am really wishing I could achieve something at the early age. The early age I mean is by the age of 28. It’s really a difficult mission for me but I hope I am really able to achieve it.

I tried not to think about bad things on CNY but I am really failed to do so. I couldn’t stop thinking about my future. How could only I am able to succeed? There are several friends around me have start their journey but I am still at the starting point. I failed to accelerate myself. Sometimes, I think that I am really rubbish.

Today, I decided to buy Rubik cube. It would probably become my ‘wife’ when back to UUM. I want to make what I see in ‘Guess Guess Guess’, they are able to solve it within 20 seconds even their eyes are covered by a cloth. That’s awesome!

Suddenly, I am feeling now that I am also failed to express myself. Blog was a tool for me to express my feeling out. Right now, there are a lot of things flying around inside my brain, but I failed to write it out.

I wish I will have a great year of 20!

Thursday, 7 February 2008



Wednesday, 6 February 2008

My 20th Birthday!

It was 12a.m.! It was my birthday! My friends started to wish me happy birthday. This year, there were quite a lot of people wished me. I was happy about it. Moreover, there were few people that I had never expect that I would receive their wish, especially her. It was really a surprising! I am going to have a great birthday this year!

My brother gave me a RM50 popular coupon as my birthday present. Thanks to him very much!

5th February 2008

What’s today’s plan? I was planning to go to Queensbay Mall.

After I woke up, my parents had gone to fetch my brother from national service, while my grandmother was preparing for the things for praying. After all the praying, I took bath and planned to go Queensbay Mall after watching TV show. When I was about to go, my cousin suddenly feel dizzy and fall down. My grandmother asked for my help. I was feeling worry. Luckily, she felt ok after that.

I started today journey. I went to take bus. Transit Link came, I scared to wait for long, and therefore, I decided not to wait for Rapid. It was really lucky, I was known by the driver when I was taking another bus from Prangin Mall to Queensbay Mall that Rapid was on holiday today.

Once I reached, I went to see my friend but I didn’t see her. I walked around for about half hour and went to see her again. She was there already. Thereafter I read book at Borders. I kept changing the book I read until I found a book about George Soros. It was some sort of comic, it’s very interesting! I finished the whole book about 180 pages there.

I had my dinner at Chopper Board with my friend. Before my friend come, I met Soony. That was my first time to eat at Chopper Board. I planned to go Borders again, but ended up I was just walking around.

I asked Teong Ping to fetch me because I scare I failed to get a bus. It was late and Rapid was in holiday. After he came to fetch me, we went to Saik Huang’s house to get my helmet, and went to have a drink.

It was a great day!

Saturday, 2 February 2008

My laptop is back!

There are about 2 weeks I didn’t update my blog because my laptop had gone into hospital. Now, here am I again.

Well, a lot of things happened these weeks.

There is one thing made me upset. I won a prize! What prize had I won? Something that I want for a long time! A camera! But, why will it made me upset? It supposes to be a happy thing, but, it became a sad thing when the due date is passed. I failed to reply to them because I failed to get into my gmail. Therefore, they distributed the prize to another people. I felt very down of it, I won the prize and I lost it. I felt angry toward UUM! If I was in my home, the prize is definitely mine!

Although Chinese New Year is coming, I don’t feel any feeling of the celebration. My feeling now is just as usual, don’t have any excited.