Monday, 18 February 2008

It's UUM again

Again, I am going to say about UUM. In recent post, I always talk about UUM. I can’t express how much I hate UUM! If you want me to point out a day that I feel happy in UUM, it’s such as asking me to find a vegetarian tiger.

Whenever I want to express my feeling about my life here, I will be having problem what to write because the hatred inside my heart toward it is really much!

Sometime, I am able to be motivated by some songs and movies. After I watched Kung Fu Dunk, I am really motivated. I went back UUM at the evening of the day I watched. The first day I back to UUM, I am really motivated, I tried not to waste any minutes. I was reading my book. But sooner, in just two days time, my motivation is totally gone.

My brother always says, ‘all humans are different because of genetic factor and environmental effect.’

I am actually very agreeing with that.

I got a very good result in my STPM, it’s totally an unexpected. I don’t even think that I could get such result. All the people who are closed to me know that the probability for me is lower than 5%. That result had surprised a lot of people. I always say that it’s not only my own effort, it’s help from the environment. I would say, it is 90% help from the environment. The environment I meant isn’t the plants, the air etc, it’s about things happened around me and people around me. There are few people who have really motivated me a lot. There are too lot motivations that moment! With such situation, I have to say myself is a rubbish if I am failed to get any A.

Now in UUM, everything is the opposite, I tried to perform my study method but I failed to. I have tried various kinds of way but I am still failed to do so. There are too much negative here than positive.

Sometimes, I was asking myself, ‘I am so unhappy in UUM, how am I going to pass trough this entire years in UUM?’

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