Saturday, 2 February 2008

My laptop is back!

There are about 2 weeks I didn’t update my blog because my laptop had gone into hospital. Now, here am I again.

Well, a lot of things happened these weeks.

There is one thing made me upset. I won a prize! What prize had I won? Something that I want for a long time! A camera! But, why will it made me upset? It supposes to be a happy thing, but, it became a sad thing when the due date is passed. I failed to reply to them because I failed to get into my gmail. Therefore, they distributed the prize to another people. I felt very down of it, I won the prize and I lost it. I felt angry toward UUM! If I was in my home, the prize is definitely mine!

Although Chinese New Year is coming, I don’t feel any feeling of the celebration. My feeling now is just as usual, don’t have any excited.


  1. sifu...
    sometimes things are made like that.
    can't blame anyone...

    who knows after you lost what u want and then get something more worthy?

    Think positively. ^^

    Neway, what happened to ur laptop?

  2. my laptop was infected by virus, and, when i try to cure it, i delete the wrong thing.