Monday, 14 January 2008

UUM life is lonely

I am still sick. I am coughing everyday.

Recently, I experience several things and I realized several things as well. My thinking has change one part of it.

Last week was add/drop week, we are allowed to change your time table. There are 2 subjects I would like to change, financial management and managerial accounting. I finally didn’t change financial management because I believe there is possible for me to handle myself. But for managerial accounting, I didn’t change is because I like the lecturer very much. There are 6 teachers/lecturers that I think is good in my life. And now, I think that lecturer might be able to be the 7th. Unfortunately, thing has changed, our class has been separated back to 2 groups. The previous teacher is teaching the other group. That’s bad. Fire has burnt inside my heart. Among the subjects I take this semester, managerial accounting is the subject I am feeling exciting. But now, the lecturer has been replaced, my excitement has gone.

I am getting hate UUM. If people ask me to rate, I would rate it 0.5/10.

University life isn’t as what I thought last time. I thought I could able to find few great friends over here, but I could say I only found 1. I could able to say, I have only 2 buddy here. The first is known in previous school and one I know here. Compare to Penang, I have my good friends and my god-sisters.

Every times I come back UUM after back to Penang, one feeling will occurred in me. I will feel like I am lonely. Although there are lot people around me, but I feel like there is only me there.

In UUM now, I prefer the schooling day. I hate to be in my room. I am really lonely there. Sending sms is the best way for me to make myself out of lonely. Those 2 buddies and other few friends that I would like to talk to, are live far from my hostel. I find nobody that I really can talk to within my hostel.

Although I do find some people to talk with, but, I am still feeling lonely.

I would say, I no need thousand of friends beside me, I just need one of my buddy beside me, that’s totally more than enough. Even my buddy isn’t talking to me, I will still feel I am not alone.

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  1. Sifu... u sicked?
    looks like nowadays got lots of ppl got sicked.
    me too.
    wish ya get well soon. ^^

    same thing.
    Gambateh! and all the best for you.