Sunday, 11 August 2013

Legoland Malaysia

I know it is late, but late better than never, right?

I went Johor for Power Root Berhad's AGM 2 weeks ago. Besides going for the AGM, I took the chance to vistit to Legoland as well.

In my Johor trip, I stayed in Tune Hotel. They provide shuttle van for us to go Legoland.

We departed from Tune Hotel at 9.30am. It took us about 20 minutes to reach there.

When we reached there, we notice the 'Legoman' and staffs were having mroning exercise with the visitors before it opens for the visitors.

We started by playing in the theme park. I didn't manage to take a lot of photos in the theme park as most of the time spent in playing.

We played until 1pm and took a break for lunch. After the break, we spent our time on visiting the models/structures built with the lego blocks. Some looks very nice. Some looks very real.

I spent about 2 hours in taking photo. But sadly, the weather was too hot. I had to stay under the hot sun to take all the photos.

We got out from the park at about 4.30pm and waited for the shuttle to get back to Tune Hotel at 5.30pm.

In overall, I would rate 3 out of 5 stars for Legoland. It's more suitable for family trip.

Anyway, this trip means a lot to me! Why? Secret. But I guess those who close to me know why it is meaningful.