Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ah Huat Facebook Game

Yesterday, I saw my brother playing a game which caught my attention.


Yea, it's Ah Huat game on Facebook. It's a game contest created by Ah Huat White Coffee for Chinese New Year.

It's just a simple game, just jump and jump to get the mandarin oranges and ang paos to collect points. 

If we collect 6,800 points, we are entitle for lucky draw. The prizes for lucky draw are:-

1st prize: RM1,888 x 1
2nd prize: RM888 x 3
3rd prize: RM388 x 5
Consolation prize: 2 packs Ah Huat products x 50

How to join?

Just click here and play.


  1. Wah, they even came up with a game! So fun!

  2. Wahhh you really an Ah Huat addict huhh ~ Especially when I visit your blog and straight away can hear "HUAH ah HUAH ah HUAH ah !!!!" XDDDDD

    1. Haha Yalo. I am Ah Huat super fans!!! Hahah.