Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Genting Trip: Casino

After we had our dinner,
we went to casino.
It was my first time entered Casino.

I didn't wish to gamble.
But I gambled as well.
I lost RM20,
and I stopped.

It was really a small amount in casino.
I scared I would addict on it.
So I stopped before I addicted.

I had a new experience at there.

I was in Casino until 2 a.m.

we went back room.
We changed our planned.
I changed my room.
Terris, Siang Si, Hsien and I slept in one room.

When I reached the room.
I realised that I did bring my MP3 charger.
So I charged my MP3 and slept.

I scared I would feel very cold in the midnight.
Fortunately, I still could stand with the temperature.

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