Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Malaysia Was Defeated by Japan in Thomas Cup

This is the first match for Malaysia's players to play in Thomas Cup.
Malaysia was supposed to play against Nigeria 2 days ago.
However, Nigeria was late to Malaysia.
So, Malaysia was announced as winner automatically.

Dato Lee kicked off the match by a victory of 21-12, 21-13.

Then, our first double brought us the second point by the winning of
21-13, 21-17.

After leading of 2-0,
our second single player, Wong Choong Han,
stepped on the court.
The thing that I was worrying happened.
Wong Choong Han lost.

Then, our second double lost as well.
So do our last player, Hafiz Hashim.

I believe the defeat disappoints a lot of Malaysians.

Malaysia is still qualified to the quarter final.
What I hope now is,
Malaysia badminton team can perform better in the coming matches.

Good Luck to Malaysia in both Thomas Cup and Uber Cup!

Other results for this evening's matches:

[Thomas Cup]
Denmark 4-1 Germany

[Uber Cup]
China 5-0 Malaysia
Korea 4-1 Indua

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