Monday, 10 May 2010

Thomas & Uber Cup Day 2

Malaysia Thomas Cup team didn't play,
but Uber Cup team did.

I managed to watch two matches,
the third single and the second double.

Julia and Lyndia didn't play for Malaysia today.
The second single player for today's match is Tee Jing Yee,
and Sonia played as the third single player.

Here are the results for Malaysia Uber Cup team today.

Wong Mew Choo vs Rena Wong 21-7, 21-10
Tee Jing Yee vs Eva Lee 21-12, 21-14
Sonia Cheah vs Ketpura 21-16, 16-21, 21-9
Pei Tty/Ee Hui vs Priscilla/Keui-Ya 21-9, 21-8
Khe Wei/Hui Lin vs Eva/Mesinee 21-17, 22-24, 21-14

Other results:

Thomas Cup
Indonesia 4-1 India
Korea 5-0 Peru
Germany 5-0 Poland
Japan 5-0 Nigeria

Uber Cup
Denmark 3-2 Australia
Russia 4-1 Germany
India 5-0 South Africa

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