Sunday, 16 May 2010

Happy Teacher's Day

Today is TEACHER's DAY!
Happy Teacher's Day to all the teachers in Malaysia.

There are few teachers that I would like to thank them very much.

Mr. Krishna (My Cambridge English lecturer)

Mr. Krishna is the greatest teacher I ever have.
He taught me a lot.
I didn't like English.
After I met him,
he made me feel enthusiastic towards learning English.
Besides teaching me English,
he taught me a lot of other things.

Madam Lee Fong Pheng (My Form 6 Account teacher)

She is the person who built the entrance of accounting for me.

Without her,
I don't think I could have chance to study accounting in my university now.
I didn't take account in Form 4 and Form 5.
when I stepped into Form 6,
I couldn't expect that I would be the top accounting student in MBS.
I am so fortunate to have her as my teacher.
She is really a great account teacher.
She helped me to become a great account student.

I visited her few days ago,
I bought her a gift for Teacher's Day celebration.

How is this gift? Is it nice?

It was kept into a plastic case before been wrapped up.

The gift was finally ready for delivering to Madam Lee.

Besides Mr. Krishna and Madam Lee,
I would like to thank to other teachers too.

Madam Ooi (My form teacher during standard 1-3)
Teacher 'Zhen' (I am not sure with her English name, my tuition teacher during standard 1-6, she was also my music class teacher during standard 1-3)
Mr. Abdul Halim (My university lecturer)

Of course,
I would also like to wish all the teachers who have taught me before.


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