Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Malaysia Versus Japan and China

Today is the third day of Thomas and Uber Cup.
After Malaysia won the match against U.S.A. by 5-0 yesterday,
our Uber Cup team is going to have a difficult challenge today.
Malaysia is going to battle with China in Uber Cup.
It will be a tough mission for our team.

I don't think Malaysia could win the game. (I guess most of the people think so too)
China players are too strong.
But I believe in Malaysia players,
I know that they are going to try their best to give the best performance.

Although the chance is low,
I still have hope on them.
I wish so much that I could see 'Malaysia defeated China in Uber Cup' in the newspaper tomorrow.

Good luck to all Malaysia players.

On the other hand,
Malaysia is going to face Japan in Thomas Cup.

Other matches of today:

Thomas Cup
China vs Korea
India vs Australia
Denmark vs Germany

Uber Cup
Indonesia vs Denmark
Japan vs Russia
Korea vs India

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