Saturday, 8 May 2010

Genting Trip: Second Day

I forgot what time I woke up on the second day,
but not later then 9 o'clock.
I probably the first person to wake up.
After I woke up,
I packed my things and went to the room where Khai Yuan stayed in.

Guess what I did after I took my bath?

I went to another casino.
I went there alone.

I prefer that one although it's smaller.
It has a corner for people to sit down,
having some drinks or foods,
and watch TV.

I drank Milo at the corner and watching football match.

At 10 something,
I back to the room to prepare for leaving the room.

We had our lunch at XXXX (I have forgotten the restaurant's name).
Terris, Siang Sim, Hsien and I went to casino again.
I lost another RM12.
Again, it's a small amount,

I was in there for not very long,
then I left them and walking around alone.

We left Genting at about 4.30p.m.
Our Genting trip ended.

On the way back,
it was raining.

I reached my home at night.
(I forget the time as well)

my second Genting trip was over.

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