Monday, 3 May 2010

Money, Achievement, Dream

Thank to my brother.

I thought of writing this after having a short chat with him.

Is money important?

Are we really need to create achievement in life?

Should we be fighting until we reach our goal?

2 months ago,
I will tell you that the answer is definitely YES!

But now,
I will say NOT REALLY.

I previously thought 'LIFE = living happily by doing the things we like to achieve our goal'.

On 21st April,
I posted that the most important should be living happily,
while other things are just the addition things that make your life colorful.

Happiness is the greatest thing to have in life.
As long as we are happy,
other things are secondary important.

I was chasing for money and my dream.
I wanted to be a successful person since I was in secondary school.
I did a lot of things in order to achieve it.
Regardless what other people said,
I stayed on my track towards my goal.

Some sentences that other people have opined to me are : -

- we should enjoy our teenager life
- we are students, there is nothing else more important than studies
- money can't buy true friends, health and happiness

There are many more things that my friends had told me.
But I stay on my perception.
I believed that I am right.

Therefore, I stayed on my track.

Until now,
after I am suffering in something.

I found that I was wrong.
I should enjoy my teenager life while fighting for my future.

I was fighting too much for my future.
I tried to save my money and time.
I sacrificed a lot.

And I lost a lot of things.

I haven't achieved my goal.
But I have lost too many things.

A lot of things that I have lost,
are things that I probably unable to get it again in future.

I lost too much.
I regretted.

If I could get back to the past,
I might choose to be an ordinary student,
be an ordinary guy.

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