Thursday, 31 December 2009

The last day of 2009

It has been a long time that I never update my blog.

Today is the last day of year 2009. It’s going to be year 2010.

I think I am going to end the year of 2009 with ‘good’.

Today, I was happy!


I have Mr. Abdul Halim as my lecturer.

I added costing paper.


I don’t really want to take that paper.


Why I register that paper?

Very simple,

I want to have chance to be taught by him.

And, I have it.


It’s also about academic.

I am taking a paper name Accounting Theory and Practice.

The lecturer I got is the so-called ‘killer lecturer’.

But surprisingly,

I felt happy in the class today.

When I was known that Madam Rohana teaches me,

I did think of dropping it from the class.

But today,

I felt happy.

I was very quiet in class normally.

I lack of communication skill that I can’t deny it.

I told myself to overcome it.

I don’t like Accounting Theory and Practice,

Because it requires us to speak.


I asked myself to overcome it.

And today, I made it.


I was the student who speaks the most in the class!

What a great ending of year 2009!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Happy Birthday to Henry Tan

Today is my best friend birth day!

Happy birthday to you;
Happy birthday to you;
Happy birthday to HENRY;
Happy birthday to you!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Cheer up.... my friend..

You are sad,
And I don't know what can I do to help you to cheer up.

I really hope that you can cheer up ASAP.
I wish to see you to be happy again.
I wish you would bully me again.

Cheer up ya...

Monday, 7 December 2009

"Mi Type Da Vinci Code"

A friend of mine post this on her blog.
She called this as "Mi Type Da Vinci Code"
I am going to discover what she mean!!!




Sunday, 6 December 2009

Old Folk in Bus

I was wishing to have some relax, so I went to Gurney Plaza have walk yesterday.

Well, during I was on bus going back to home, this happened.
There was a stop where a lot of old folks getting on.
I was the only teenager on the bus.
There was a old woman sitting beside me.
The woman did talk to me.
When I realised that the seat wasn't enough,
I kept my book and planned to stand up to give the old folk a seat.

Then the conversation between the woman and I as below......

LuPorTI: It seems really full.
Woman: Where are you going?
LuPorTi: Paya Terubong.
Woman: Then you don't give the seat to them.
LuPorTi: huh?
Woman: Don't look the old people as a weak people, they exercise always, strong actually. It's still far to reach your home, so, you take the seat la.

I really didn't know what should I the right to do.
If I didn't stand up, I wonder whether will the old folks standing thinks that I got no manner?
If I stand up, it seems like I pouring cold water on the woman talking to me.

Guess what did i do...........

I didn't stand up.
I was just wishing the bus reached Riffle Field as fast as possible, cause they were getting down at the stop.

Friday, 4 December 2009

OSK Seminar (Opportunities In Foreign Markets)

I went to OSK seminar last night.

Is it great?

Not bad I would say.

I reached there about 6.15p.m. and we have refreshment there. I ate only one plate and the plate is small. I saw several people there. Who are they? CLHS teachers, Mr. Yeap, Mr. Lai, etc.

It’s finally going to 7, the seminar was going to start.

It talks about foreign market. There are four speakers, each speakers talk different topic.

First speaker: Singapore REIT and Land Transportation
Second speaker: Plantation counter in Singapore
Third speaker: Indonesia market
Forth speaker: Genting Singapore

I prefer the first speaker, Jonathan. I learned quite a number of things from him too. He gives me a clearer understanding on Singapore market. Initially, I actually thought Singapore does full with offices. Yea, it does. But, the problem is, there are quite a number of offices with no tenant.

Really thanks to his information.

Well, overall, I enjoy the seminar.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A Christmas Carols

I watched this movie with Fu-Yong, Mikael and Wen Xian today.

Yesterday, my friend told me that the story is about a ghost and 3 spirits. The words ‘ghost’ and ‘spirit’ scared me. I don’t like to watch ghost movie. I thought it is, but luckily I was wrong.

The main character, I don’t really remember the name, but I remember it starts with S. In the story, S is a person who put money at the very first place. And the spirits make him realize of a lot of things. He realize of love. Love of family, friend, and to those who need our helps.

It makes me think of myself. Money is getting important in my heart. I hope that I won’t become like him.

Tomorrow, I am going to OSK seminar! Hope that it is a great seminar.

December 2009

My Plan in December 2009:

2 December: Going out with Mikael & Fu-Yong
3 December: OSK Seminar (Opportunities In Foreign Markets)
5 & 6 Decemeber: REASON Enterprise Meeting
9 December: Lee Chien's birthday celebration
12 & 13 December: Aunt's Wedding
16 December: Going out with Li Pei
22 December: Padini Holdings Berhad AGM
27 December: Going back UUM

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Today is 1st December 2009

Hi, my friends.

I am back to blog again!

Today is the last month of the year 2009. Time flies really fast!

24days to go to Christmas…..
31 days to go to New Year……

Time is really fast….

My new semester is going to start on 28th December…
My 27 days to go…
I hope I am able to do a lot of things before I back to the university….

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Back to Blogging

I am coming back update my blog again.........

coming soon....

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

I am sick.....

After I back from UUM,
I sicked.

I thought I could recover.
After UUM announced one week break,
I thought I would have a lot of time to do my things.
I ends up with fighting with illness.

I got sore throat, fever, flu and cough.
I was scared to infected by H1N1.
Finally just now I went to see doctor.
The doctor didn't asked me to test blood.
So, I think should be no problem
I hope I can recover faster and back to my work.

This year,
I really feel that I had become weaker.
I think it might because of lack of exercise.

After I recovered,
I am going to exercise more.
I told to someone that I want to exercise at least twice a week!

LuPorTi, you have to make it!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Tittless again

I was arranging my things just now.

I saw a file which keeps the things of my English classes. I read back the essays I wrote. I am feeling missing of the classes. There is one essay I wrote about resolution of year 2006.

I wrote that I want to get bend 6 in my MUET and straight A in STPM. Well, it’s a tough goal, especially for me because I am so lazy in academic. The end, I got bend 4 in MUET and I did extremely well in STPM and got 4 As.

In year 2007, my main goal is to start investing. I thought I would start at the end of year, but I started it in March. My second main goal was to reveal some secret and I made it in April.

How about 2008?

I think I don’t have goal, and I don’t have any great achievement as well.

How about 2009?

I have lost my track now. I don’t know which is my track.

Well, there is another essay made me think a lot. The essay entitled ‘Know Thyself’. I wrote that the main strength I got is my enthusiasm. My enthusiasm made me a person who don’t give up easily. I always know what I was doing. I didn’t bother what people said which made me give up.
Look at me know. A huge different from the past!

Saturday, 16 May 2009


I have 2 more weeks before I back to my university. Time is really fast!

For those who are considering themselves as understand me well, they should know that there are several problems I am facing now. I am totally in dilemma. In this few months, my MSN messenger always display sentences such as, ‘how am I going to place my next move’ or ‘I am in junction now’. I am really worrying that my move will be a wrong move. I have made too much wrong moves.

Again, I actually have a lot of things I want to express, but there are too much and too complicated which made me don’t know how to express it. I would write it again when I know how to.

Monday, 11 May 2009

A Total Mess

I chatted with a good friend of mine 2 days ago. I was planning to sleep at 10.30p.m. but I ended up chatting with him until 1a.m. and another friend till 2 I think. Thereafter, I want to sleep, but a lot of things flight into my brain so sudden and I failed to sleep. I think I slept after 4.

Plenty of things flight into my brain until I was mentally suffered. I was thinking to find somebody to share my feeling, I took out my mobile phone to check who can I share my feeling that time. Don’t know why, I couldn’t find anybody. Not because they were sleeping, but I don’t know who can I share my feeling with. Previously, when I was down, I could easily get someone to chat with. But now, why couldn’t I find? Am I losing all my true friends? I don’t know.

Last time, a good friend of mine asked me to ask him whether he is still in track from time to time. Well, now he out of track. And me, I have lost my track!

Now, I am just fighting blindly for my future. I don’t really know where am I heading of each move I made. And, it seems like every moves of mine are getting me into more dilemmas. I enjoyed blogging last time. I actually wish I can write my blog as I wrote in the past. But, my life now is totally mess up, and don’t know how to express my feeling in words.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Fall Sick

I have fallen sick. Yesterday, after I came back from McDonalds with Eng Jeng, and after dinner, my family member ( I have forgotten who is that) told me that my face has some ‘bintik-bintik merah’. I went to mirror, and I saw it and I saw it happens to my hand as well. And I knew, I really need some rest.

Well, I really worried about health stuff. I am worrying about dengue and I checked some information about it. I hope this will be just a normal fever.

Well, my father did want to fetch me to clinic today, but I refused, because I don’t want to go public clinic. I seriously don’t trust the public clinic. A better way to say, I trust only Dr. Lee, or sometimes Dr. Cheah.

Recently, health issue has really turned into red light. The H1N1 virus is really horrible. I hope it will over soon.

I am not the only person who sick in my family. My brother was sick 3 weeks ago, and my father was sick too last week.

All my friends, hope you all will be strong and don’t get fall into any sick. Take care.

Friday, 1 May 2009


Today is my last injection for Hepatitis B.

I phoned the clinic at the morning, and the staff told me that Dr. Lee didn't on duty today. I felt a little bit disappointed. But nevermind, i went for Dr. Cheah.

I went at about 2p.m.

My dad fetch me there.

After I was injected, my hand kind of very 'sour'. Now, it's still 'sour'. I hope it will be nothing tomorrow.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Goodbye, Semester 4

Yesterday was my last paper for my final examination of semester 4. Goodbye to semester 4!

After my examination, my friend, Khai Yuan, suddenly phoned me and asked me where was I, he was going to fetch me back! Wow! That’s really great! I was planning to back Penang today, but now, I am already in Penang, how happy am I!

I planned a lot of things to do in this holiday, and I hope that I am really able to do it all! I hope that I can make myself to be more discipline, and don’t be lazy! LuPorTi, it’s the time to give your best and prove yourself!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Finally I Am Here....

It was a long time I never update my blog here.
I was really busy and not things finally slowing down.

I joined an organization named SIFE, Student In Free Enterprise.
I was busy with it.
Last night, there was a promotion dinner actually.
But, I was in Penang and i absent.

This morning, after I woke up, I switched on my handphone as usual,
I received my message from my roommate.
He informed me that i was promoted as Manager of Finance and Administrative Department of SIFE.
He is promoted as the Vice President.
What i am wondering now is, who is my assistant manager.

Ok, for this moment, enough for SIFE.
Actually, I plan to observe stock market today.
Unfortunately, the 'greatest' internet service is having problem.
Why the internet is so good?!
I couldn't online since yesterday noon til evening just now!
Really angry with it!

Monday, 9 March 2009













Sunday, 8 March 2009

Dato Lee Chong Wei

It has been a long time I never watch badminton matches. Last night, there were All England badminton tournament. I turned on to watch. It was semi-final matches. And today, it is final. Dato Lee Chong Wei was playing with Lin Dan and he lost again. His performance wasn’t good. I actually very hope to see him to perform as he performed in Olympic Games’ quarter and semi final. His performances of those two matches were really good. Previously, I wasn’t his supporter. After seeing him playing those two matches, I admire him. He is really the star of Malaysia. I hope his performance can come back! Dato Lee Chong Wei, you are very great!

Friday, 6 March 2009

A phone call from sir

2 days ago, when I was frustrating with my tutorial, one surprise thing happened. My mobile phone rang. It was a phone call from Perak. I picked it up. I was so surprise
and happy when I listen to the voice. It was Mr. Krishna!

Mr. Krishna was my lecturer during my study in Cambridge Language Centre. He is a good lecturer. Without him, I won’t be having today. I extremely hated English in the past. But now, I love it! It’s all because of him. Me make me found the interest in English. He is the one who makes my English improve. I couldn’t forget the advice he gave me before he leave. “I give you three advice in order to improve your English. The first one is read. The second one is read. And, the third one is read.” That’s what he told me, “read, read, and read”.

We talked for about 20 minutes in the phone call. I had a happy chatting.

Guess what, I changed a lot after the call.

When I was frustrating of the tutorial, I was asking help from my friend. She was sitting beside me at the computer lab. After the phone call, I told her that I was motivated. I am going to score 3.8 this semester! I told her I can handle my tutorial with my own. I am totally motivated.

I truthfully thanks to Mr. Krishna. Sir, thankyou!

Friday, 30 January 2009

A sad debut

I have just back from futsal. It was a bad debut. It isn’t because I didn’t play well. As a debut after a long time, my performance was considered as good enough.

But then, why I still say it wasn’t a good debut?

Something happened during the game. My friend, Soony, injured. And, I would considered that’s one of the more terrible injury. His nose was bleeding and he stopped playing. I got in the field and played. Suddenly, Soony called me. He asked me whether I have driving licience. He said that his left eye couldn’t see and he asked me if I able to fetch him home. I asked my friend to fetch him home.

I worry about him. I am the one who asked him to go. If there is anything happen to him, I will feel guilty forever.

I sent a message to him just now and he was going to hospital. He is a good friend, also a good guy. I hope God will bless him.

Soony, all the best!

My debut

Yesterday was a busy day. Well, not really very busy actually. It’s busy just because I went to buy ticket. As usual, it spent me 4 hours time. But, I have a good journey. Why? I am not going to tell.

Later I am going to play futsal at 3 o’clock. It was my debut since last year. i remembered that that match disappointed me and made me recall a lot of things. The game ended up as my last game. But now, I try for a debut. I hope I still know how to kick the ball.

There are a lot of stories in my football life. I used to play football during my secondary. There is a period of time, I was playing it everyday. I was top stiker among my friend. But later, I am worrying can I score any? I will know later.

However, there is something worried me. My nose bleed this morning. As usual, everytime my nose bleeding, I will starting thinking a lot of thing. All the worries come into my brain. I scare whethere there is any big disease in my body and so on. I am a person who afraid of death very much. But, I am ok now. I just scare I can’t perform later.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

New share in my portfolio

Today, I bought another share, Kossan. I was waiting this for a long time. I actually planned to purchase share during December, but I couldn’t find any favourable one. Today, I have made the decision to buy. The first stock I bought during this bull year. I hope this will be a good beginning of the year of bull.

Initally, I tought I will be waiting for a long time to bid for my favourable price. But ended up, I decided to buy up from the seller. Now, I have time, I am thinking should I go to buy my ticket to back UUM later? I scare the ticket would be sold out tomorrow, but I feel like I am kind of lazy to go later.

I am going to miss Penang again.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

28/1 morning

I went to my grandmother’s (my mother’s side) house these 2 days. I was really boring at there. But, it had finally over. Even it is very boring, but I mustn’t choose not to go. She is my grandmother, without her, there is no my mother. Without my mother, I won’t be in this world. Thanks to my grandmother.

Suddenly, I look at calendar, my holiday is almost end, I haven’t started my assignment yet. I really hate to do assignment during my holidays, especially it’s Chinese New Year! But nevermind, I will do it when I free in these few days.

I am wondering what my friends’ decisions are, of when are they going back to UUM. Will I be going back alone? I am not sure. And I haven’t bought my ticket yet.

It seems like there are a lot of things that I need to done it but I still haven’t started it.

That’s me. Holiday is a holiday. haha

Well, I will be going to Gurney Plaza later. I am still thinking whether to buy the RM89.95 rubik’s cube. I really wish to own one. But it’s too expensive. I am in dilemma. Please, help me.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Negative leads to the end of a good friendship......

I knew a friend in last semester. And she became one of my good friends. I would say that she was my best friend in UUM until there is rumour about us.

She is negative minded. I tried hard to change her. Is that an impossible mission? Some people say it’s hard to change people personality. Yes, it’s hard, but isn’t impossible. I have enter to a very negative year after I get in UUM, but now, I totally get out from that and I am a positive person now.

During my negative period, I lost a lot of things. I keep blaming on UUM and do nothing to change it. Last year, I would say, I have lost my best friends. I said in my blog before. I got 2 gang of friends, and I lost that great friends after enter UUM. I just blame it, and the end, I almost didn’t contact with them. I even stopped playing football just because of some sad thing, and this almost caused my friendship with a friend dropped even further.

But now, I realized every thing. Negative isn’t a solution, we need change! Therefore, I promise myself to be positive minded. End of last year, I told myself, I have to get back my best friend. And now, I think it’s better now.

The negative-minded UUM friend is really very negative. Last night, our friendship drop tremendously. We may become only just a normal friend.

I am a person who thinks friend is very important. I always love to give example to the statement I say, but I am not going to give about this. If you don’t want to believe, I got nothing to say as well. I have tried hard to help her. But, she is getting more negative minded in this semester. And of course, more and more argument erupted. So, yesterday I told her that it’s better to downgrade our friendship. It seem like the more I tried to fix it, the worse the outcome. So, I think it’s better to come to an edge.

This is the first bad thing happens in my Chinese New Year this year. I feel sad of it, but I have learned how to be positive and manage it now.

To all my readers and friends, I would like to tell you all, thinking positive is a great thing! It’s one of the best things to do in the life!


Sunday, 25 January 2009

Reunion Dinner is coming.......

I was just back hangging out with Henry. We went to Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall. It has been a long time we never hang out together. We used to hang out togather always last time. I quite miss of that time.

Later is going to be the reunion dinner. Last year, I went to have it in my aunt’s house. This year, we will be having in house only.

Tomorrow, the first day of Bull Year. My family and I will be going to Kedah, my grandmother’s home. We will overnight at Kedah and back on Tuesday.

This year, my cousin from Johor is coming to Penang. It has been a long time I didn’t see her. I think I have no seen her since I entered secondary school. She is taking 9 o’clock bus later, I guess she will reach Penang tomorrow morning. I am not sure I will able to meet her tomorrow or not. If I have no chance to meet her tomorrow, I hope that I will have chance to meet her after I back from Kedah.

My friends, have you all prepared to celebrate the Chinese New Year? Happy Chinese New Year to you all and hope you all have a great time with your family tonight!

I am going to......!

I back from UUM last Wednesday. This time, I am really busy of meeting friends. And I met people up every night.

Wednesday night: Khai Yuan
Thursday night: Wei Loon
Friday night: Leng Chin
Saturday: Eng Jeng, Kean Nam, Koon Kit

I think I never be such busy in any trip back Penang.

Well, why am I meeting for?

It’s actually related to my success in the future. I met them all to talk about business and investment.

Yesterday, I told Eng Jeng that it was great that Kean Nam held his 21st birthday party. After the party, I was feeling to have such great party too. Unfortunately, I don’t have that money. Well, so, I decided something. 21st birthday is a special year of birthday for us. I can’t make it a special birthday, nevermind, but I will make my 21 years old a great year, a stepping stone toward my success. I want to achieve at least something. And, I think I have started to act. I hope this will bring me success.

I am actually hoping very much to prove myself. I want to succeed in investment world. I also want to make my important friends to feel proud of myself.

In investment, many friends to ask me to teach them, either they are really wishing to learn, or just simply say. And there are few people that I really hope I can teach them. Sometimes, I am thinking, am I qualified to teach them? I am still having some loss, you know?

Therefore I really hope to succeed in investment so that I can feel I am qualified to teach them.


In this age, when I am in 21, I am going to achieve something! I am really going to!

Lastly, wish all my friends will have a great and happy reunion dinner tonight!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

The Year of Bull after 34 hours

After 34 hours, it will be another chinese new year. It is going to be Bull year, will stock market be a bull market? We will know it next year.

I think I will be like a spanish bull this year.

Be a spanish bull? In term of?

There is a show about bull in spanish right? I don’t know what it call. In Chinese, it is called ‘斗牛’. As we know, the bull there is full of power. I want to be like it. I want to be aggressive, I want to achieve something in this year.

Within this past 1 week time, there are 2 girls surprised me. What make me surprised? Last Saturday, after my co-curiculum, a friend of mine ask me to teach her financial account. After I taught her, she suddenly asked,’I heard that you play share, right?’ After I answered her, she told me that she is interested and want to learn. I am quite surprised with that. Previously, I thought that she was just an ordinary student, because she is really work hard in acedemic. I don’t ever think she would ask about share.

Another one, a girl that I just knew for about more than one month only. She was introduced by another friend of mine. I was sms-ing with her few days ago, and suddenly said about share. She told me that she is interested. Well, I have met plenty of people who say they are interested, but, they might just simply say only, they might not interested actually. But, but this girl, she told me if I bought IOI Corporation last month, I would be earning a lot. so, I think she is truly has interest in that.

Well, not going to saying any further more for this moment.
Happy Chinese New year! And hope this year, the bull will wake up in the stock market.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

CNY holiday started

I have back to Penang again.

Last week, I went for an interview to be in the committee of a recycle project in my university. Well, that time, I wish to get to be leader but 2 days ago, I received the offer to be the AJK. Initially, I did plan to reject the offer, but the end I accepted it.

Well, CNY is coming, has you guys bought new clothes? I have bought. But I have forgotten how many clothes are those. This year is better than last year. I have about 9 day holidays for this year. There are a lot of things I want to do in this holiday. But I am not sure whether I have the time or not.

Guess what am I doing now?

I am preparing to format my laptop. My laptop was infected by virus in the last week I was in Penang previously. I hope I can settle it fast.

Lastly for this post, LuPorTi, welcome back to Penang.