Monday, 26 January 2009

Negative leads to the end of a good friendship......

I knew a friend in last semester. And she became one of my good friends. I would say that she was my best friend in UUM until there is rumour about us.

She is negative minded. I tried hard to change her. Is that an impossible mission? Some people say it’s hard to change people personality. Yes, it’s hard, but isn’t impossible. I have enter to a very negative year after I get in UUM, but now, I totally get out from that and I am a positive person now.

During my negative period, I lost a lot of things. I keep blaming on UUM and do nothing to change it. Last year, I would say, I have lost my best friends. I said in my blog before. I got 2 gang of friends, and I lost that great friends after enter UUM. I just blame it, and the end, I almost didn’t contact with them. I even stopped playing football just because of some sad thing, and this almost caused my friendship with a friend dropped even further.

But now, I realized every thing. Negative isn’t a solution, we need change! Therefore, I promise myself to be positive minded. End of last year, I told myself, I have to get back my best friend. And now, I think it’s better now.

The negative-minded UUM friend is really very negative. Last night, our friendship drop tremendously. We may become only just a normal friend.

I am a person who thinks friend is very important. I always love to give example to the statement I say, but I am not going to give about this. If you don’t want to believe, I got nothing to say as well. I have tried hard to help her. But, she is getting more negative minded in this semester. And of course, more and more argument erupted. So, yesterday I told her that it’s better to downgrade our friendship. It seem like the more I tried to fix it, the worse the outcome. So, I think it’s better to come to an edge.

This is the first bad thing happens in my Chinese New Year this year. I feel sad of it, but I have learned how to be positive and manage it now.

To all my readers and friends, I would like to tell you all, thinking positive is a great thing! It’s one of the best things to do in the life!


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  1. haha...

    sometimes it is better when you do nothing at all.. haha...

    yup.. stay positive...
    dun think abt it too much..
    maybe it isnt that bad as u think..

    haha.. happy CNY...