Sunday, 25 January 2009

I am going to......!

I back from UUM last Wednesday. This time, I am really busy of meeting friends. And I met people up every night.

Wednesday night: Khai Yuan
Thursday night: Wei Loon
Friday night: Leng Chin
Saturday: Eng Jeng, Kean Nam, Koon Kit

I think I never be such busy in any trip back Penang.

Well, why am I meeting for?

It’s actually related to my success in the future. I met them all to talk about business and investment.

Yesterday, I told Eng Jeng that it was great that Kean Nam held his 21st birthday party. After the party, I was feeling to have such great party too. Unfortunately, I don’t have that money. Well, so, I decided something. 21st birthday is a special year of birthday for us. I can’t make it a special birthday, nevermind, but I will make my 21 years old a great year, a stepping stone toward my success. I want to achieve at least something. And, I think I have started to act. I hope this will bring me success.

I am actually hoping very much to prove myself. I want to succeed in investment world. I also want to make my important friends to feel proud of myself.

In investment, many friends to ask me to teach them, either they are really wishing to learn, or just simply say. And there are few people that I really hope I can teach them. Sometimes, I am thinking, am I qualified to teach them? I am still having some loss, you know?

Therefore I really hope to succeed in investment so that I can feel I am qualified to teach them.


In this age, when I am in 21, I am going to achieve something! I am really going to!

Lastly, wish all my friends will have a great and happy reunion dinner tonight!

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