Thursday, 22 January 2009

CNY holiday started

I have back to Penang again.

Last week, I went for an interview to be in the committee of a recycle project in my university. Well, that time, I wish to get to be leader but 2 days ago, I received the offer to be the AJK. Initially, I did plan to reject the offer, but the end I accepted it.

Well, CNY is coming, has you guys bought new clothes? I have bought. But I have forgotten how many clothes are those. This year is better than last year. I have about 9 day holidays for this year. There are a lot of things I want to do in this holiday. But I am not sure whether I have the time or not.

Guess what am I doing now?

I am preparing to format my laptop. My laptop was infected by virus in the last week I was in Penang previously. I hope I can settle it fast.

Lastly for this post, LuPorTi, welcome back to Penang.


  1. 你的背景音乐吓死我了...

  2. hahaha... welcome back.. find one day go out.. =)