Wednesday, 28 January 2009

28/1 morning

I went to my grandmother’s (my mother’s side) house these 2 days. I was really boring at there. But, it had finally over. Even it is very boring, but I mustn’t choose not to go. She is my grandmother, without her, there is no my mother. Without my mother, I won’t be in this world. Thanks to my grandmother.

Suddenly, I look at calendar, my holiday is almost end, I haven’t started my assignment yet. I really hate to do assignment during my holidays, especially it’s Chinese New Year! But nevermind, I will do it when I free in these few days.

I am wondering what my friends’ decisions are, of when are they going back to UUM. Will I be going back alone? I am not sure. And I haven’t bought my ticket yet.

It seems like there are a lot of things that I need to done it but I still haven’t started it.

That’s me. Holiday is a holiday. haha

Well, I will be going to Gurney Plaza later. I am still thinking whether to buy the RM89.95 rubik’s cube. I really wish to own one. But it’s too expensive. I am in dilemma. Please, help me.

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