Friday, 30 January 2009

A sad debut

I have just back from futsal. It was a bad debut. It isn’t because I didn’t play well. As a debut after a long time, my performance was considered as good enough.

But then, why I still say it wasn’t a good debut?

Something happened during the game. My friend, Soony, injured. And, I would considered that’s one of the more terrible injury. His nose was bleeding and he stopped playing. I got in the field and played. Suddenly, Soony called me. He asked me whether I have driving licience. He said that his left eye couldn’t see and he asked me if I able to fetch him home. I asked my friend to fetch him home.

I worry about him. I am the one who asked him to go. If there is anything happen to him, I will feel guilty forever.

I sent a message to him just now and he was going to hospital. He is a good friend, also a good guy. I hope God will bless him.

Soony, all the best!

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