Friday, 6 March 2009

A phone call from sir

2 days ago, when I was frustrating with my tutorial, one surprise thing happened. My mobile phone rang. It was a phone call from Perak. I picked it up. I was so surprise
and happy when I listen to the voice. It was Mr. Krishna!

Mr. Krishna was my lecturer during my study in Cambridge Language Centre. He is a good lecturer. Without him, I won’t be having today. I extremely hated English in the past. But now, I love it! It’s all because of him. Me make me found the interest in English. He is the one who makes my English improve. I couldn’t forget the advice he gave me before he leave. “I give you three advice in order to improve your English. The first one is read. The second one is read. And, the third one is read.” That’s what he told me, “read, read, and read”.

We talked for about 20 minutes in the phone call. I had a happy chatting.

Guess what, I changed a lot after the call.

When I was frustrating of the tutorial, I was asking help from my friend. She was sitting beside me at the computer lab. After the phone call, I told her that I was motivated. I am going to score 3.8 this semester! I told her I can handle my tutorial with my own. I am totally motivated.

I truthfully thanks to Mr. Krishna. Sir, thankyou!

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