Saturday, 30 April 2011

Practicum Day 88 (A Bad Day)

It's a bad day!

It rains heavily this morning.
I know that there was going to be heavy traffic, so I got out earlier.
However, it didn't seem useful.
The traffic had started to jam.
It took me more than 1 and half hour to reach my office.
And I was late to office for more than half hour!

Due to the heavy traffic, I got off from my dad's van at a farther place and rushed to office.
On the way, 2 bad things happened.
Firstly, my bag was broken.
Secondly, I was almost knocked by a car.
It was so close!
If I move a quarter second faster, I guess I would be in hospital now.

Things didn't look good the whole day.
My colleagues went out for statutory audit.
I felt lonely in office.
I had to have my lunch alone.

At the end of the day of working,
my client phoned me and complained me.
What the hell!
She was the one making the account troublesome and delayed everything.
Now, I am the one get scolded by her?
What to do. She is the client.
As people always say, 'customer is always right'.

Things continue to be bad after my work.
I rushed to buy something to eat and rushed to bus stop.
I had badminton to play at night.
Unfortunately, I didn't know why, the buses were so few.
Even worse, all the buses passed were full.
What's going on!?

At the end, I phone up my friend to ask him to get my things from my home.
I started to walk to Riffle Range (the place we play badminton).

Bad thing continued.
There was a path that thought it was a short-cut.
I walked in.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find the way that I could get to my destination.
So, I had to walk out from that path and walked on the main road again.

Why yesterday is such a bad day to me?

Luckily, I enjoyed yesterday's badminton, or else, I think I am feeling so bad and angry now.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Practicum Day 87

If you notice, yesterday was 38 days remaining in my blog.
How come today become 36 days? It should be 37 days, isn't it?

Today, I asked my colleague about whether will labor day holiday replaced on Monday.
Happily, their answers are YES!
So, the remaining day reduces by 1 day.
It's a good news!

I am still worrying about my current tasks that have been completed.
As long as it hasn't been approved, I wouldn't stop worrying.
Or I should say, as long as I haven't finished my internship, I will be worrying.

Currently, I have one task that has been partially approved and three that haven't been approved.
I hope there is no problem and will be approved soon.

One good thing for today, I received my salary for April.
It came at the right time.
I need money now, and it came.
Now I have money to spend again.

It's Friday tomorrow, the day I am waiting for every week.
As these few weeks, I am going to play badminton on tomorrow's night.
I couldn't wait the moment to come.
I can play badminton again!
I can meet my primary schoolmates again!

36 days to go, 29.3% remaining.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Practicum Day 86

I am waiting for a confirmation letter. Unfortunately, it hasn't reached yet.
I hope it would be reach faster.

Some people came to our office for statutory.
Surprisingly, that's my friend!
I was surprised, very surprised!
I never thought someone I know came to my office for statutory audit.
We had lunch together.

Today, an issue started.
My colleagues started to apply for study leave for their examination.
Since it's peak period now, my boss didn't really want to approve their applications.
As I know, last year, the argument is a little serious, where some colleagues left the firm.
Will it happen again this year?
Don't know yet.
We can wait and see.

But for me, I think it's better to approve the application than losing them.

Let's counting down again, 38 working days to go.....

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Practicum Day 84 & 85

I was feeling extremely down on Sunday night.
I thought that this week might be a terrible week for me.
Will it really be a terrible week for me, I will know it after 3 days.

I have some tasks to be rushed.
It's the final week for April, my colleagues and I are now rushing to complete those task that dues this month.
I have a client started to rush me in these 2 weeks.
I feel so tired of that client.
Now, my boss wanted me to wait for a confirmation.
I hope I receive the confirmation tomorrow, or else that task will not be completed on time.

Confirmation is really making me tired as well.
I had just received a confirmation last Friday after waiting for a long time.
Yesterday and today, I made calls to ask for confirmation.
Confirmation, confirmation and confirmation, it's tiring.
I have to say again, I SERIOUSLY TIRED OF MY WORK!

Another client went to our office today to ask for explanation of adjustment.
Luckily, there wasn't any problem happened.
The explanation session went through smoothly.
Or else, I will be complaining about it here.

Today in work, I felt so tired and a little bit sick.
My nose 'ha-chew' and 'ha-chew'.
Two packets of tissue paper weren't enough for me.
During the lunch time, I went to petrol station to buy 4 packets of tissue paper.

Luckily, my 'ha-chew' had stopped.
Or else, I am not updating my blog now, I am probably laying on bed now.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Monday Blue Again, This Week Is Going To Be A Terrible Week

It's going to be Monday again tomorrow.
I couldn't stop myself from feeling sad when Monday Blue is approaching.

I have been trying a lot of ways to get myself from having a bad mood on Sunday.
I know that there are many friends have been trying to cheer me up, but I guess I have disappointed them a lot.

I went out with my primary schoolmates today.
Initially, we were having a nice moment.
We went several place before going back to my friend's house again at about evening.
We were playing a new card game introduced by a friend.
Initially, we were happy playing it.
I felt enjoyed.

But don't know why, suddenly my mood was getting worse.
Until the last few games, my mood was really down even my friend completely noticed it.
In few turns, my friend purposely didn't want to attack on me, which they actually should.
I know they notice my mood and scared my mood got worse, so they avoided from attacking me.
I really appreciate them.
But I feel so sorry on them.
My bad mood made the whole environment to become bad.
I can see that they weren't enjoying as previous games.
I really feel sorry to them, and also all my friends who have been supporting.




Plan After Practicum

This two months, a lot of people asked me on what's my plan after I finished my internship training.

Well, that's a good question. And I think a lot of my friends are thinking the same questions too for themselves.
I said in my blog before that I planned to make a post on my plan. Here is it.

First very common question to me, will I continue be in audit field?
I have a confirmed answer, NO! I won't remain in audit field. I had felt so tired of this kind of life. It isn't the life I want!

So, what will I do? I have drafted a brief plan on my life in second half of 2011.

1. Going back to focus on investment

After I started my internship, I have very little time for investment. I couldn't deny that I am already outdated in investment currently. I have a lot of plans for investment, such as data an information collection, attending companies' general meetings and meeting investment friend all around Malaysia. I am going to start implementing.

2. Be a better blogger

I love blogging life actually. Last year, I used to think of how to make my blog better and more interesting. I was trying to search for things that people would feel interested in. Unfortunately, my blog becomes a very boring blog after my internship started. After my internship is over, I will try to make my blog alive again. I am trying to break my daily visitor record! I am to be a better blogger!

Besides, I am going to create one new blog. Since I love reading, I am going to share the books I have read. Sharing is caring, I love to share. That blog, I probably will be writing in Chinese language.

3. Having sport regularly

After I studied in UUM, I did less sport. I used to play football everyday. During these 3 and half years time, I believe that I did sport for only averagely once a month. That's too little. I could feel that my body is getting weak, my stamina isn't as good as last time. After my internship, I will try to have sport regularly. I am going to play badminton weekly which I have started doing it now. I may start jogging again.

4. Moving towards my goal in KM2 (1988)

What's KM2 (1988)? KM2 is my primary school, Kong Min 2, while 1988 is the year my friends and I start our life in this world.

About 6 years ago, a friend of mine (Chris) and I were discussion a KM2 (1988) plan. It formerly known as KM295 and it's now KM2 (1988).

We have 2 common goals:
1. To gather all our old friend during our primary school time.
2. To gather a power to contribute back to our primary school.

After 6 years efforts, our group is getting more active now! We feel so happy of it! I really enjoy joining with them. I am going to allocate time for our group. I am going to make sure this large friendship last forever!

5. Be a part time teacher

Up till now, perhaps you may ask, then, what job I am going to apply? As the fifth title, I am going to be a teacher. Actually, if possible, I don't want to start myself in workplace yet. I am going to get my income from my investment and blogging. But income from these two things won't be much at this moment. In the case where I need some income to cover my daily expenses, then I perhaps will be a part time teacher. I like sharing, and part time teacher have more free time which I need it to run my four plans stated earlier.

I told these plan to few friends, and some of them don't agree with me. I get and degree but just become a part time teacher? It seems like wasting. Many people suggest me to work in investment banks such as OSK to work. I did think of that before, but I decide not to. I want to have more time. And I want to be more flexible. One thing I fully realized recently. Life is not about money. We should put money as the first consideration. There are more other things that we should do in our life. In stead of making our life a more comfortable ones, we should make our life a meaningful ones. At least, we won't have regret when we need to say good bye to this world.

Perhaps, many people will never agree with me. Many people may say me stupid. And many people are probably saying my thinking is unrealistic and childish.

I am not going to bother that, I am going to live as I wish to.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Interesting Maths Calculation 3

Few days ago, someone show me a Youtube video on one method of calculation to ask me whether is it applicable for all cases.

I watched it.


After thinking, I do think that it's applicable for all cases.
How can he be creative of sorting out this method.

It isn't really a good method to use for some cases,
but I can't deny that it's one of the most creative methods I learned.!

Impressive, isn't it?

If you don't believe on the method, create some question and try it yourself.

Practicum Day 81, 82 & 83

I seem to be getting lazier.
Previously I update my practicum posts everyday.
Later on, I updated it once every two day.
See now? I update 3 days in one posts.

Actually, I don't really know what to say about my practicum already.
I started feeling tired of complaining.
It doesn't seem helpful.

In these three day, my motivation dropped again.
Even worse, I got call from a client on Friday.
That client account was troublesome.
Now, I am require something from them which they haven't complete for me.
Its account due date is near and now they start to rush me and blame me.
Hello, if you all provide a good collaboration, I will not make the account late for the due date!

I am really feeling completely tired dealing with clients.
I don't know how to express my feeling now.
I feel so unhappy and stressful.

2 months to go, I am getting out from this! It's the day I am waiting for so long!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Practicum Day 79 & 80

How to describe these two days?

I was on phoned for many times these two day. Clients kept calling me.

There is a company I have just finished everything yesterday.
The directors. bookkeeper and the auditor of the parent company called me many times, asking me whether when can I sent them the copy of financial statement.
I think I am on phone with them about 10 times in these two days.

Then, another company. I phoned the bookkeeper up for some problems.
And then, we were updating each other by phone call.

Lastly, a company that I have finished and waiting for approval.
The client phone me up to ask for plenty of question.

The second and third clients are okay. They are quite friendly. I am willing to discuss with them.
But the first one, it made me headache.
The account is troublesome and it delayed my job for a lot!
Now, they are rushing me.
They are making me crazy!

Perhaps, tomorrow is going to be another crazy.

44 days to go, 35.5% remaining.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

9 Topics Have Been Proposed For BarCamp Penang 2011

BarCamp is getting near! It's less than one month time from now!
I feel so excited towards BarCamp and I checked BarCamp blog from time to time to know the latest updates.

So far, there are 9 topics have been proposed to be share in BarCamp.

Here are the topics:

1. Is Investment Risky?
- Kuay Kean Hooi, Young Investor

2. How To Increase Traffic With Bad Publicity Technique
- Calvyn Lee, Blogger,

3. How To Organize An Event Of Youth Jam Scale
- Jazz Tan Yee Mei, Director, Jazzada Solution (A.K.A Penang Youths)

4. Building Large Content Website With Joomla!
- Ray Beh, Director, Sogo Studio Webs & Graphic Design

5. How I Earn a Full Time Income With Internet
- Charles Gregory

6. Are You Ready for Employment or Entrepreneurship?
- John Goh, General Manager, MyPath Sdn Bhd

7. Raising Awareness On Tuberculosis & Curbing Its Spread
- Gabriel Gim Chien Wei, MBA Student, Wawasan Open University

8. Who Wants To Fund My Idea?
- Melvin Chan

9. How Green Lung Promote Tobacco Control?
- Koay Khang Siean, President of Green Lung USM

I feel excited to those topics!
I couldn't wait to learn such a lot things on that day!
Like the second topic, I have a chance to learn how to make my blog better! It's going to be a great moment for little blogger like me.
Yeah! After this sharing session, I am going to enhance myself.

Check it out more in:
BarCamp Penang Blog
BarCamp Penang Facebook

Practicum 77 & 78

Another 2 days passed, there are 46 working days remaining.
As usual, I feel that it's still long to go.

I finished finalizing another company (except taxation part),
and I asked my boss to write about the qualified opinion.
That company has the most audit qualification opinion that I never met so far.
It's also the first disclaimer opinion that I met.
Those who has studied audit should know what's it mean by disclaimer opinion.
It's a very terrible opinion on the company where auditor couldn't give any comment on it.
That company actually lost its document in a fire.
That's why we give disclaimer opinion.
I couldn't verify a lot of transaction.

Beside that company (finished on Thursday),
I tried to finished another ones on Friday.
That company is also another troublesome company.
There was a problem on expired stock where I didn't know how to settle it,
where I made the account unbalanced.
Fortunately, I made it balanced at the end after discussing with the senior.

I feel so tired dealing with troublesome companies.
I hope my practicum will be over soon, as usual.

46 days to go, 37.1% remaining.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Practicum 75 & 76

I was away last night, I went out with my primary schoolmates until late night.
Again, the gathering was great.

Perhaps, I should update my practicum post once every 2 days, or maybe once a week?

Those who have my Facebook maybe notice my profile picture.
I use my profile picture in Facebook as another tool of counting down.
I will change my profile from time to time to show the days remaining for my practicum.
Great idea?

Nothing special really happened yesterday.

But today,
my boss's mood was really bad.
He scolded people.
Worst, he scolded his wife.
The words came out from his mouth were really terrible.
How could he scold his wife like this.

I admire his wife, how could she stand his attitude for such a long time.
If I am his wife, I will leave him for sure!

I actually had things to ask my boss today.
But, since his mood was terrible today, I didn't dare enough to ask him.

He always spoil my mood.

I am just waiting the time to pass.
After 10 weeks, I will be completely a free guy.
I am looking forward to that day.

Monday, 11 April 2011

A Nice Weekend With My Primary Schoolmates

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a great weekend.
I had wonderful moment with my primary schoolmates.

7 years ago, I started to find back my Standard 1-3 friends.
Until now, our group is getting greater and active.
There are a lot of activities these few weeks, but I didn't really join much.
After I started my internship, I didn't really have much time for my investment.
Therefore, in these few weeks, I was trying to spend my weekends on investment.

Last Saturday, my friends wanted to organize a group meeting as well as an investment gathering.
Because of the investment gathering, I joined them.
I had a very great moment sharing with them.
I initially planned to back home at about 6 o'clock.
But the end, I still with them at that moment.
We went for the second round at E-gate.
We were there until almost 12 o'clock.
It was really a great moment!

The weekend didn't stop there.
They had booked badminton court yesterday.
I didn't plan to go, because it was so late, 9 to 11 o'clock.
I shouldn't say it was so late, it should be extremely late!
But didn't why, at about 7 o'clock, I suddenly thought of going.
And I attend it.

Wow! It was so enjoyable.
It was a long time that I never enjoyed so much in badminton!
I think I found back my passion towards badminton!
I played badminton very seldom in these few years,
and my passion towards badminton is dropping.
But don't know why, I found back that feeling back!

I played until I was very exhausted, EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED!
Even I felt so exhausted, I continued playing.
I felt really very enjoyable! Very happy!
I rarely feel so happy since my internship started.
Unfortunately, we didn't take any photo as memory for this wonderful weekend.

I should really thank them. They have really great friends.
They brought me a lot of joys!

Thank to you all!

Friendship forever!

Practicum 73 & 74

I didn't update my blog for practicum on last Friday.
Normally, I update on Sunday night, but I didn't update it last night.
This weekend passed quite fast.
And it's nice weekend. I will blog about it in my next post.

I didn't really remember what have I done last weekend.
If talking about today, I actually didn't really know what have I done as well.
I feel like I did nothing like that.
I feel like I am just a robot in my work.
I am just waiting the time passes minute by minute.

Oh ya! I remember one thing!
My colleagues and I went for lunch together, 10 of us.
We went the coffee shop last week and planned to have chicken rice.
Unfortunately, that stall was closed that day.
Luckily, it was open today, and we had our lunch there.

By the way, my UUM supervisor have aproved my topic for my final report.

50 days to go, 40.3% remaining.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

I Am Participating BarCamp Penang 2011

Nowadays, as many people know, I always feel down, due to my practicum.
Not many things could really cheer me up.
If there is thing that can make me feel excited, it probably a great thing.

Well, here is one thing that make me excited.

THE BARCAMP Penang 2011!

What's Barcamp?

It's kind of a workshop or a gathering of a group of people who wish to share and learn.
What excited me is that there are sharing from different people of different background.
It gives me a chance to for me to learn a lot of things!

There are 12 sharing sessions from morning until evening.
So we manage to learn 12 things!
Cool, isn't it?

When? May 14, 2011.

I am participating!

Do you want to join too?

Check it out more at:
1. BarCamp Penang at Facebook
2. BarCamp Penang Blog

I wish to see you there!

Practicum Day 72

Tomorrow is Friday again! A day that I am waiting for!

I passed my log books together with another 2 colleagues for my boss to sign.
Nowadays, my colleagues and I were passing up our log books together.
About 4 weeks later, I need to pass up by myself, they are finishing their internship.
Now we were getting close. We had our lunch together every day.
After they leave, I couldn't eat with them anymore.
Perhaps I need to eat myself for most of the time.

Today, I actually planned to phone four clients.
But suddenly, our boss asked for a lecture.
After the lecture, it was late.
At the end, I phoned only one client.
I need to phone tomorrow.

I almost finished two more companies,
just, there were some matter to be settled.
Perhaps, I would finished 4 companies for this month.
For some friends of mine may say that 4 companies aren't many.
But with my current mood and pace, 4 companies are considered as a lot.

I can break again tomorrow!
No, I shouldn't say break. I should say, I back to my life again.

52 days to go, 41.9% remaining.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Practicum Day 71

Today, my friend told me that he had 10 days remaining.
I feel so jealous on him. He is going to finish his internship soon.
How about me? Still long to go, I have to work for 53 days more.

My colleagues were planning to have chicken rice as lunch.
A gang of us, 10 people if I am not wrong, walked to the shop that they planned to eat.
Unfortunately, when we reached there, the chicken rice stall was closed.
Too bad, we were so unfortunate.
Luckily there was other thing to eat. Or else, we were wasting our energy to talk there.

I was really not in mood to work for my practicum.
Today, my client came our office and brought things to me.
My colleague asked me whether was there any other things I need.
I told him that nothing else.
After the client left, then only I realised that there were something else I need.
I always missed out things.
Not only today, I am used to missing out few questions when I phone up client to ask them some questions.
What's my mind doing during my work?
I just can say that I am not paying full attention.
My mood isn't really in work.
My mind isn't really working.
And I don't like to work there.

Recently, there are people asking me that what's my plan after my practicum.
Perhaps, I will post about it during this weekend.

Counting down again, 53 days to go, 42.7% remaining.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Practicum Day 70

Finally I stepped into the number of 7. It's 70th day of my practicum.
I reached office earlier today, it's about 20 minutes before the working hour starts.

After I reached there, I tried to write something in my log book.
It has been 2 weeks I didn't pass to my boss for signing.
I quickly wrote it and planned to submit to my boss tomorrow.

This morning, I felt like our office is quite quiet.
I didn't know why I felt so.
I am not sure whether is it because it's really more quiet?
Or it's just an illusion of feel within myself.
And, I actually do feel lonely in this few week.
I feel only cheerful when I discuss about investment with my friends.
So, I actually feel quite thankful to a friend.
These few weeks, he discussed a lot with me on investment.
Or else, I will be feeling very lonely and down all the time.
Thanks for him.

Today, I phone that Malay client again.
I spoke better as compare to yesterday.
I really feel that I am getting no mood to work.
I have no motivation at all.
I don't feel good in doing my job.
I feel so boring and lonely while doing it.
I still have to live in such life for about 2 and half month!
I couldn't imagine how terrible my life is going to be soon.
Time, please move faster!

54 days to go, 43.5% remaining.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Practicum Day 69

It's Monday again, a day that I don't like, the day that I have to back to work.
As always, I was hardly getting off from my bed today.
After I got off from my bed, I went near to calendar and start counting.
I used a lot of method for counting down. I just wish that I could make myself feel that I am near to the exit.
It's so obvious that I don't like my practicum.

Today, I went for statutory audit at Gurney Tower.
I supposed to go on last Friday, but due to rain, my boss asked me to go today.
My colleague and I departed at about a quarter passed 9.
We had 4 companies to be conducted the statutory audit.
We completed at about 11 o'clock, then we went back our firm.

I phoned my client today.
That client is Malay. So, I had to speak Malay Language.
This is the first time I deal with Malay since I started my practicum training.
That call obviously shows that my Malay Language isn't good.
I spoke very badly.
Luckily, the client still understood me.
I still need to deal with him for few more times I guess.
I hope it will be all right.

Another day passed.
So, how many days to go?

55 days to go, 44.4% remaining.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Did You Off Light During Earth Hour 2011?

After I discovered Facebook introduce the questionnaire feature, I asked a question.

Here is it:
Do you support Earth Hour last night?

89 people responded with 57 people supported and 32 didn't.

There are several comments for this activity. People are questioning on whether are such activities effective to save the world?
There is no exactly answer. More or less, I believe there is some effect.
It really could raise awareness of human on protecting our earth.
But for some people, it's just an activity.

My friends and I joined a recycle project during the my university life.
I joined in one semester and left that project at the following semester, but my friends continued.

Why did I quit out from that project?
I disappointed.

Let me show you one conversation.
(I don't remember the exactly ones, but it's something like that)

It happened during an operation of collecting recyclable goods.

My friends and I: What's our lunch later?
Director: Fried rice.
My friends and I: What's the container?
Director: Just the plastic ones.
My friends and I: What?! PLASTIC?
Director: Ya, what's the problem?
My friends and I: We are doing Recycle Project.
Director: Ya ho! Then we better change it.

Get why I disappointed?

Practicum Day 68

Good morning.

Normally, I updated my Friday's practicum post at Sunday night.
But today is different. I updated it now in the morning.
Why? No why.

On Friday, I suppose going for statutory audit.
When I have prepared myself and going to depart, I entered my boss's room to inform him.
Then he asked me not to go, due to rain.
I actually wished to go on that day, but he asked me to go on Monday.
What to do, he is boss, I have to follow his order.
I tried to phone the secretarial firm, but it couldn't get through.
I phone for few times but it remains the same.
Then, I asked my colleague to phone for me.
After she phoned, she told me that I phoned the wrong number.
Haha. I was blurred.
She helped me to make appointment with the secretarial firm for me.
So, I will be going there on Monday morning.

For whole day, I didn't perform well, I did my job with a very slow speed.
In my mind, I was just thinking about 5.30p.m. then I could have break for 2 days.

When the time reached 5.40p.m., I was so happy and rush to bus station to wait for bus.
I initially planned to rest in home and do my things that night.
But my friend asked me out.
We were going to talk about investment, so I accept his invitation.
Investment is part of my life! Cheers!

Tomorrow is Monday again.
I need to back to work again. What a sad moment.

56 days to go, 45.2% remaining.

Friday, 1 April 2011

April Fool From Google

Look at your leg! There is a cockroach!
Haha. April Fool.

Did you get fooled by your friend today?

When I was in bus today, I saw a school girl trying to fool her friend.
It made me thinking of my past.
I remembered my friends and I were trying to fool each other.
I thought for whole day on the best fool which people will be fooled.
Now, no more.
I have no April Fool feeling at all.

But I saw something about April Fool.
It's a April Fool from Google.

Check it out here: CLICK HERE