Sunday, 3 April 2011

Practicum Day 68

Good morning.

Normally, I updated my Friday's practicum post at Sunday night.
But today is different. I updated it now in the morning.
Why? No why.

On Friday, I suppose going for statutory audit.
When I have prepared myself and going to depart, I entered my boss's room to inform him.
Then he asked me not to go, due to rain.
I actually wished to go on that day, but he asked me to go on Monday.
What to do, he is boss, I have to follow his order.
I tried to phone the secretarial firm, but it couldn't get through.
I phone for few times but it remains the same.
Then, I asked my colleague to phone for me.
After she phoned, she told me that I phoned the wrong number.
Haha. I was blurred.
She helped me to make appointment with the secretarial firm for me.
So, I will be going there on Monday morning.

For whole day, I didn't perform well, I did my job with a very slow speed.
In my mind, I was just thinking about 5.30p.m. then I could have break for 2 days.

When the time reached 5.40p.m., I was so happy and rush to bus station to wait for bus.
I initially planned to rest in home and do my things that night.
But my friend asked me out.
We were going to talk about investment, so I accept his invitation.
Investment is part of my life! Cheers!

Tomorrow is Monday again.
I need to back to work again. What a sad moment.

56 days to go, 45.2% remaining.

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