Saturday, 30 April 2011

Practicum Day 88 (A Bad Day)

It's a bad day!

It rains heavily this morning.
I know that there was going to be heavy traffic, so I got out earlier.
However, it didn't seem useful.
The traffic had started to jam.
It took me more than 1 and half hour to reach my office.
And I was late to office for more than half hour!

Due to the heavy traffic, I got off from my dad's van at a farther place and rushed to office.
On the way, 2 bad things happened.
Firstly, my bag was broken.
Secondly, I was almost knocked by a car.
It was so close!
If I move a quarter second faster, I guess I would be in hospital now.

Things didn't look good the whole day.
My colleagues went out for statutory audit.
I felt lonely in office.
I had to have my lunch alone.

At the end of the day of working,
my client phoned me and complained me.
What the hell!
She was the one making the account troublesome and delayed everything.
Now, I am the one get scolded by her?
What to do. She is the client.
As people always say, 'customer is always right'.

Things continue to be bad after my work.
I rushed to buy something to eat and rushed to bus stop.
I had badminton to play at night.
Unfortunately, I didn't know why, the buses were so few.
Even worse, all the buses passed were full.
What's going on!?

At the end, I phone up my friend to ask him to get my things from my home.
I started to walk to Riffle Range (the place we play badminton).

Bad thing continued.
There was a path that thought it was a short-cut.
I walked in.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find the way that I could get to my destination.
So, I had to walk out from that path and walked on the main road again.

Why yesterday is such a bad day to me?

Luckily, I enjoyed yesterday's badminton, or else, I think I am feeling so bad and angry now.


  1. 无论如何,所有倒霉的事、倒霉的一天都已经过啦。好好地迎接全新的一天吧!

  2. Hoping for a better tomorrow.