Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Practicum Day 79 & 80

How to describe these two days?

I was on phoned for many times these two day. Clients kept calling me.

There is a company I have just finished everything yesterday.
The directors. bookkeeper and the auditor of the parent company called me many times, asking me whether when can I sent them the copy of financial statement.
I think I am on phone with them about 10 times in these two days.

Then, another company. I phoned the bookkeeper up for some problems.
And then, we were updating each other by phone call.

Lastly, a company that I have finished and waiting for approval.
The client phone me up to ask for plenty of question.

The second and third clients are okay. They are quite friendly. I am willing to discuss with them.
But the first one, it made me headache.
The account is troublesome and it delayed my job for a lot!
Now, they are rushing me.
They are making me crazy!

Perhaps, tomorrow is going to be another crazy.

44 days to go, 35.5% remaining.

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