Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Practicum Day 84 & 85

I was feeling extremely down on Sunday night.
I thought that this week might be a terrible week for me.
Will it really be a terrible week for me, I will know it after 3 days.

I have some tasks to be rushed.
It's the final week for April, my colleagues and I are now rushing to complete those task that dues this month.
I have a client started to rush me in these 2 weeks.
I feel so tired of that client.
Now, my boss wanted me to wait for a confirmation.
I hope I receive the confirmation tomorrow, or else that task will not be completed on time.

Confirmation is really making me tired as well.
I had just received a confirmation last Friday after waiting for a long time.
Yesterday and today, I made calls to ask for confirmation.
Confirmation, confirmation and confirmation, it's tiring.
I have to say again, I SERIOUSLY TIRED OF MY WORK!

Another client went to our office today to ask for explanation of adjustment.
Luckily, there wasn't any problem happened.
The explanation session went through smoothly.
Or else, I will be complaining about it here.

Today in work, I felt so tired and a little bit sick.
My nose 'ha-chew' and 'ha-chew'.
Two packets of tissue paper weren't enough for me.
During the lunch time, I went to petrol station to buy 4 packets of tissue paper.

Luckily, my 'ha-chew' had stopped.
Or else, I am not updating my blog now, I am probably laying on bed now.

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  1. Buddy... When i see wat u have wrote, i feel ur situation. Is so tired.

    Me too..