Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Practicum Day 86

I am waiting for a confirmation letter. Unfortunately, it hasn't reached yet.
I hope it would be reach faster.

Some people came to our office for statutory.
Surprisingly, that's my friend!
I was surprised, very surprised!
I never thought someone I know came to my office for statutory audit.
We had lunch together.

Today, an issue started.
My colleagues started to apply for study leave for their examination.
Since it's peak period now, my boss didn't really want to approve their applications.
As I know, last year, the argument is a little serious, where some colleagues left the firm.
Will it happen again this year?
Don't know yet.
We can wait and see.

But for me, I think it's better to approve the application than losing them.

Let's counting down again, 38 working days to go.....

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