Sunday, 24 April 2011

Plan After Practicum

This two months, a lot of people asked me on what's my plan after I finished my internship training.

Well, that's a good question. And I think a lot of my friends are thinking the same questions too for themselves.
I said in my blog before that I planned to make a post on my plan. Here is it.

First very common question to me, will I continue be in audit field?
I have a confirmed answer, NO! I won't remain in audit field. I had felt so tired of this kind of life. It isn't the life I want!

So, what will I do? I have drafted a brief plan on my life in second half of 2011.

1. Going back to focus on investment

After I started my internship, I have very little time for investment. I couldn't deny that I am already outdated in investment currently. I have a lot of plans for investment, such as data an information collection, attending companies' general meetings and meeting investment friend all around Malaysia. I am going to start implementing.

2. Be a better blogger

I love blogging life actually. Last year, I used to think of how to make my blog better and more interesting. I was trying to search for things that people would feel interested in. Unfortunately, my blog becomes a very boring blog after my internship started. After my internship is over, I will try to make my blog alive again. I am trying to break my daily visitor record! I am to be a better blogger!

Besides, I am going to create one new blog. Since I love reading, I am going to share the books I have read. Sharing is caring, I love to share. That blog, I probably will be writing in Chinese language.

3. Having sport regularly

After I studied in UUM, I did less sport. I used to play football everyday. During these 3 and half years time, I believe that I did sport for only averagely once a month. That's too little. I could feel that my body is getting weak, my stamina isn't as good as last time. After my internship, I will try to have sport regularly. I am going to play badminton weekly which I have started doing it now. I may start jogging again.

4. Moving towards my goal in KM2 (1988)

What's KM2 (1988)? KM2 is my primary school, Kong Min 2, while 1988 is the year my friends and I start our life in this world.

About 6 years ago, a friend of mine (Chris) and I were discussion a KM2 (1988) plan. It formerly known as KM295 and it's now KM2 (1988).

We have 2 common goals:
1. To gather all our old friend during our primary school time.
2. To gather a power to contribute back to our primary school.

After 6 years efforts, our group is getting more active now! We feel so happy of it! I really enjoy joining with them. I am going to allocate time for our group. I am going to make sure this large friendship last forever!

5. Be a part time teacher

Up till now, perhaps you may ask, then, what job I am going to apply? As the fifth title, I am going to be a teacher. Actually, if possible, I don't want to start myself in workplace yet. I am going to get my income from my investment and blogging. But income from these two things won't be much at this moment. In the case where I need some income to cover my daily expenses, then I perhaps will be a part time teacher. I like sharing, and part time teacher have more free time which I need it to run my four plans stated earlier.

I told these plan to few friends, and some of them don't agree with me. I get and degree but just become a part time teacher? It seems like wasting. Many people suggest me to work in investment banks such as OSK to work. I did think of that before, but I decide not to. I want to have more time. And I want to be more flexible. One thing I fully realized recently. Life is not about money. We should put money as the first consideration. There are more other things that we should do in our life. In stead of making our life a more comfortable ones, we should make our life a meaningful ones. At least, we won't have regret when we need to say good bye to this world.

Perhaps, many people will never agree with me. Many people may say me stupid. And many people are probably saying my thinking is unrealistic and childish.

I am not going to bother that, I am going to live as I wish to.


  1. i thought ur practicum life spices up ur blog .. one way or another =)

  2. After my practicum, my blog is going to have changes.