Thursday, 7 April 2011

Practicum Day 72

Tomorrow is Friday again! A day that I am waiting for!

I passed my log books together with another 2 colleagues for my boss to sign.
Nowadays, my colleagues and I were passing up our log books together.
About 4 weeks later, I need to pass up by myself, they are finishing their internship.
Now we were getting close. We had our lunch together every day.
After they leave, I couldn't eat with them anymore.
Perhaps I need to eat myself for most of the time.

Today, I actually planned to phone four clients.
But suddenly, our boss asked for a lecture.
After the lecture, it was late.
At the end, I phoned only one client.
I need to phone tomorrow.

I almost finished two more companies,
just, there were some matter to be settled.
Perhaps, I would finished 4 companies for this month.
For some friends of mine may say that 4 companies aren't many.
But with my current mood and pace, 4 companies are considered as a lot.

I can break again tomorrow!
No, I shouldn't say break. I should say, I back to my life again.

52 days to go, 41.9% remaining.

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