Sunday, 3 April 2011

Did You Off Light During Earth Hour 2011?

After I discovered Facebook introduce the questionnaire feature, I asked a question.

Here is it:
Do you support Earth Hour last night?

89 people responded with 57 people supported and 32 didn't.

There are several comments for this activity. People are questioning on whether are such activities effective to save the world?
There is no exactly answer. More or less, I believe there is some effect.
It really could raise awareness of human on protecting our earth.
But for some people, it's just an activity.

My friends and I joined a recycle project during the my university life.
I joined in one semester and left that project at the following semester, but my friends continued.

Why did I quit out from that project?
I disappointed.

Let me show you one conversation.
(I don't remember the exactly ones, but it's something like that)

It happened during an operation of collecting recyclable goods.

My friends and I: What's our lunch later?
Director: Fried rice.
My friends and I: What's the container?
Director: Just the plastic ones.
My friends and I: What?! PLASTIC?
Director: Ya, what's the problem?
My friends and I: We are doing Recycle Project.
Director: Ya ho! Then we better change it.

Get why I disappointed?


  1. i like hw u care bout the environmental issue,keep going^^ moreover, thx for visiting my blog^^