Thursday, 28 April 2011

Practicum Day 87

If you notice, yesterday was 38 days remaining in my blog.
How come today become 36 days? It should be 37 days, isn't it?

Today, I asked my colleague about whether will labor day holiday replaced on Monday.
Happily, their answers are YES!
So, the remaining day reduces by 1 day.
It's a good news!

I am still worrying about my current tasks that have been completed.
As long as it hasn't been approved, I wouldn't stop worrying.
Or I should say, as long as I haven't finished my internship, I will be worrying.

Currently, I have one task that has been partially approved and three that haven't been approved.
I hope there is no problem and will be approved soon.

One good thing for today, I received my salary for April.
It came at the right time.
I need money now, and it came.
Now I have money to spend again.

It's Friday tomorrow, the day I am waiting for every week.
As these few weeks, I am going to play badminton on tomorrow's night.
I couldn't wait the moment to come.
I can play badminton again!
I can meet my primary schoolmates again!

36 days to go, 29.3% remaining.

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