Monday, 4 April 2011

Practicum Day 69

It's Monday again, a day that I don't like, the day that I have to back to work.
As always, I was hardly getting off from my bed today.
After I got off from my bed, I went near to calendar and start counting.
I used a lot of method for counting down. I just wish that I could make myself feel that I am near to the exit.
It's so obvious that I don't like my practicum.

Today, I went for statutory audit at Gurney Tower.
I supposed to go on last Friday, but due to rain, my boss asked me to go today.
My colleague and I departed at about a quarter passed 9.
We had 4 companies to be conducted the statutory audit.
We completed at about 11 o'clock, then we went back our firm.

I phoned my client today.
That client is Malay. So, I had to speak Malay Language.
This is the first time I deal with Malay since I started my practicum training.
That call obviously shows that my Malay Language isn't good.
I spoke very badly.
Luckily, the client still understood me.
I still need to deal with him for few more times I guess.
I hope it will be all right.

Another day passed.
So, how many days to go?

55 days to go, 44.4% remaining.


  1. hi :) thanks for visiting my blog!nice to meet u. :)

  2. gosh it has been long since i last spoke malay too!

    Have a nice day! =)

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  3. Haha. Shake hand shake hand.