Sunday, 24 April 2011

Monday Blue Again, This Week Is Going To Be A Terrible Week

It's going to be Monday again tomorrow.
I couldn't stop myself from feeling sad when Monday Blue is approaching.

I have been trying a lot of ways to get myself from having a bad mood on Sunday.
I know that there are many friends have been trying to cheer me up, but I guess I have disappointed them a lot.

I went out with my primary schoolmates today.
Initially, we were having a nice moment.
We went several place before going back to my friend's house again at about evening.
We were playing a new card game introduced by a friend.
Initially, we were happy playing it.
I felt enjoyed.

But don't know why, suddenly my mood was getting worse.
Until the last few games, my mood was really down even my friend completely noticed it.
In few turns, my friend purposely didn't want to attack on me, which they actually should.
I know they notice my mood and scared my mood got worse, so they avoided from attacking me.
I really appreciate them.
But I feel so sorry on them.
My bad mood made the whole environment to become bad.
I can see that they weren't enjoying as previous games.
I really feel sorry to them, and also all my friends who have been supporting.




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