Sunday, 17 April 2011

Practicum 77 & 78

Another 2 days passed, there are 46 working days remaining.
As usual, I feel that it's still long to go.

I finished finalizing another company (except taxation part),
and I asked my boss to write about the qualified opinion.
That company has the most audit qualification opinion that I never met so far.
It's also the first disclaimer opinion that I met.
Those who has studied audit should know what's it mean by disclaimer opinion.
It's a very terrible opinion on the company where auditor couldn't give any comment on it.
That company actually lost its document in a fire.
That's why we give disclaimer opinion.
I couldn't verify a lot of transaction.

Beside that company (finished on Thursday),
I tried to finished another ones on Friday.
That company is also another troublesome company.
There was a problem on expired stock where I didn't know how to settle it,
where I made the account unbalanced.
Fortunately, I made it balanced at the end after discussing with the senior.

I feel so tired dealing with troublesome companies.
I hope my practicum will be over soon, as usual.

46 days to go, 37.1% remaining.


  1. Haha, you are counting your internship day every day huhh.... =P

  2. Ya. I couldn't stop myself counting down.