Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Practicum Day 71

Today, my friend told me that he had 10 days remaining.
I feel so jealous on him. He is going to finish his internship soon.
How about me? Still long to go, I have to work for 53 days more.

My colleagues were planning to have chicken rice as lunch.
A gang of us, 10 people if I am not wrong, walked to the shop that they planned to eat.
Unfortunately, when we reached there, the chicken rice stall was closed.
Too bad, we were so unfortunate.
Luckily there was other thing to eat. Or else, we were wasting our energy to talk there.

I was really not in mood to work for my practicum.
Today, my client came our office and brought things to me.
My colleague asked me whether was there any other things I need.
I told him that nothing else.
After the client left, then only I realised that there were something else I need.
I always missed out things.
Not only today, I am used to missing out few questions when I phone up client to ask them some questions.
What's my mind doing during my work?
I just can say that I am not paying full attention.
My mood isn't really in work.
My mind isn't really working.
And I don't like to work there.

Recently, there are people asking me that what's my plan after my practicum.
Perhaps, I will post about it during this weekend.

Counting down again, 53 days to go, 42.7% remaining.


  1. 50 days is short...spend your time wisely and keep yourself occupied

    Have a nice day! =)

    My recent post:
    Mille Crepe @ Nadeje, Plaza Mahkota, Malacca

  2. hye visiting back :):)
    nice blog here!

  3. But I feel it's so long. By the way, 53 days doesn't include weekends.

  4. internship is that scary one? mine end of this yr>< TT

  5. If have a nice boss, I think it will be nice.