Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Practicum Day 70

Finally I stepped into the number of 7. It's 70th day of my practicum.
I reached office earlier today, it's about 20 minutes before the working hour starts.

After I reached there, I tried to write something in my log book.
It has been 2 weeks I didn't pass to my boss for signing.
I quickly wrote it and planned to submit to my boss tomorrow.

This morning, I felt like our office is quite quiet.
I didn't know why I felt so.
I am not sure whether is it because it's really more quiet?
Or it's just an illusion of feel within myself.
And, I actually do feel lonely in this few week.
I feel only cheerful when I discuss about investment with my friends.
So, I actually feel quite thankful to a friend.
These few weeks, he discussed a lot with me on investment.
Or else, I will be feeling very lonely and down all the time.
Thanks for him.

Today, I phone that Malay client again.
I spoke better as compare to yesterday.
I really feel that I am getting no mood to work.
I have no motivation at all.
I don't feel good in doing my job.
I feel so boring and lonely while doing it.
I still have to live in such life for about 2 and half month!
I couldn't imagine how terrible my life is going to be soon.
Time, please move faster!

54 days to go, 43.5% remaining.