Sunday, 7 July 2013

First Time Making Poh Piah

These two months, I am learning cooking. Perhaps next time an be a cook? Haha. 

Today, I learn to cook Poh Piah.

Here, this is the result.

Still okay I guess. 

The hardest part would be wrapping the Poh Piah. My Poh Piah sizes are all not equal. Some are big and some are small. 

During frying it, I never thought I need to act fast, it would turned into black colour very fast. Luckily my mum was helping me beside me. Or else, maybe I am going to have 'black poh piah' as my lunch. 

There were some leftover for the 'poh piah skin' that I didn't finish using it. I fried it as well.

After Poh Piah, what's next? Any suggestion?