Saturday, 31 December 2011

Year 2011 Recap

Going to say bye bye to year 2011 and welcome the year of 2012!

So, do you all complete your 2011 resolutions? Any memorable things have you all did? It's quite nice to think back all the things I have done for this year.

Here are some things that I have done this year.

January 25: Driving myself for the first time
February 5: Going to my girlfriend house for the first time
March 9: My blog's Facebook page reached 100 likes
May 26: Supporting Earth Hour
May 15: Attending & being one of the speakers in BarCamp Penang 2011
May 20: First year anniversary being in relationship with my lovely girlfriend
June 21: Completed my internship
July 1 - 4: Pangkor Island trip
July 26: Bought Malaysia's third series coins
Sept 3 & 4: Visiting Logo's Hope
Oct 3: My convocation
Oct 17: Joining Honglim & Associates
Oct 26: First time taking photo with Penang's Chief Minister
Nov 27: Gathering with Madam Ooi, my first primary school teacher for her farewell
Nov 29: MAMEE's final day of trading, good bye the my best investment
Nov 30: All three investment target for this year was reached
Dec 26: Start my first running training to prepare for 2012 Penang Bridge Marathon

The best things for this year
The best movie I watched: You Are The Apple of My Eye
The best investment: Aeon Credit Service (M) Berhad
The best gift I received: My convocation gifts
The best event I attended: Penang BarCamp 2011
The best song I listened: 那些年
The best novel I read: You Are The Apple of My Eye

Things that I did the most for this year
Song I listen the most: 那些年
Website I visit the most: Facebook
Sentence I said the most: Time's fast
Drink that I drank the most (beside drinking water): Coffee
Mall I went the most: First Avenue



Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Barcamp Perak Is Coming!

Remember the Barcamp Penang that I went on May this year? It was my first time to join Barcamp, and it impressed me a lot. I enjoyed and learned a lot from Barcamp. It's really a wonderful event to be attended.

Yeah, now, Barcamp is going to Perak!

It going to be held on 25th and 26th February next year, from 8am to 6pm, in UTAR.

So, am I going again?
I am trying to arrange time to go.

Another question. Will I be the speaker again? Haha. I am not sure yet, I am still considering. I still remember I did participate as speaker in Barcamp Penang 2011 with the topic of 'Is Investment Risky'. I am quite happy with that session. It's great to share my knowledge to others. It also gives me a chance to make more friends who have interest in investment.

So, will I be the speaker again? I am not sure yet, considering.

Anyway, for those who don't know what Barcamp is, let me introduce you a little bit on Barcamp.

Quoted from Wikipedia,
"BarCamp is an international network of user-generated conferences (or unconferences). They are open, participatory workshop-events, the content of which is provided by participants."
To simply it, it's some sort like a conference, but there are some difference between Barcamp and the normal conference.

1. There will be a lot of room with different types of topic going on at the same time, you can choose any topic that you are interested to listen to.
2. Anyone are welcome to share your knowledge. What you need to do is just registering yourself with the Barcamp organiser.
3. If will be held in a casual way.

To know more about Barcamp Perak 2012, you may refer to:
1. Barcamp Perak 2012 Blog
2. Barcamp Perak 2012 Twitter
3. Barcamp Perak 2012 Facebook

Monday, 26 December 2011

First Step Towards Penang Bridge Marathon

I have been saying for many times that I want to start jogging and wishing to join Penang Bridge Marathon. The first time I said I want to join Penang Bridge Marathon was in year 2006. I planned to join with my best friend Henry and Soony. But the end, if I didn't remember wrongly, it crashed with my school's sport day. The sport day was on Saturday and the marathon was on Sunday. I couldn't run for both and I gave up the marathon.

5 years passed, I still haven't joined it. Haha.

Now, I have really decided that I am going to do so. It's going to be listed in my resolution for next year!

Today, it was my debut on my jogging training. I jogged in Botanical Garden with my colleague today.

It was tiring. It was quite a long time since the last time I jogged. My stamina becomes very weak now.

I need to jog more! I need to train more! I am going to participate in Penang Bridge Marathon 2012! I am going to complete it within the time given!


LuPorTi, GO GO GO!

Haha. Thanks to today's jogging, it was my first time to use this small bag since I get it from the "My Experience with SONY Cyber Shot" which organised by Youth Jam 11.

After the jogging, my colleague and I went to Pulau Tikus's market to have our breakfast.

I heard the Koay Teow T'ng there is nice. So I ordered it. My colleague ordered Koay Chiap. Both are from the same stall. Anyway, I need to praise the hawker is quite friendly and having good manner.

Koay Chiap (RM5.00)

Koay Teow T'ng (RM4.00)

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Aunt's Wedding Dinner

I guess some of you know that I had been to Sungai Petani 2 days ago for my aunt's wedding dinner. I took an unpaid leave on Friday. It was my first unpaid leave that I ever took in my life.

It was wedding dinner of my aunt (youngest sister of my mum). The wedding dinner was held at Ri Feng Lou Seafood Restaurant, Sungai Petani.

Some photos on how the restaurant looks like

Attendance of the wedding dinner

Photo taken before the wedding dinner: my grandma, the bride, my mum and my cousin

The main characters, the bride and bridegroom stepping in

The bride and the bridegroom

The bride and bridegroom cutting cake

The bride and bridegroom pouring the Champagne

What this call ya? The bride and bridegroom drinking the Champagne with crossing their hands

Sweet moment, kissing of the bride and bridegroom

Thank from the family members to all the attendance

Thank from the bride's mum (my grandma) and her eldest brother (my uncle)

The bride and his friends singing the song of '朋友' (FRIEND)

My uncle, also the brother of the bride (the right) sang for the wedding ceremony

Merry Christmas 2011

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas!

After the 'Dong Zhi' Festival, it's now Christmas. After a week, it's going to be New year!

Where to go today? No where I guess. I think I am going to stay in house to do my things. As Christmas falls on Sunday, it will be replacement of holiday tomorrow. So, no work tomorrow, great ya?

Anyway, wish you all Merry Christmas!

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way.....

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Happy 'Tang Yuan' Festival

It's 'Tang Yuan' Festival!

Due to work, I didn't help to make 'Tang Yuan' this year. However, after reading some blogs, it flashed back my memory in my past where my brothers and I were helping my mother and grandmother to make the 'Tang Yuan'. It was quite fund. Perhaps, next year, if I have time, I will make the 'Tang Yuan'.

The 'Tang Yuan' made by my family. 3 colours: red, green and white.

They made it in yesterday's noon and my mum cooked it at night. And I ate some last night.

Did you eat 'Tang Yuan' during this 'Tang Yuan' Festival? Do you like it?


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Cheque From Emailcashpro

After I back from work today, I noticed there were 4 envelopes on my table for me.

And I saw this.

I felt happy to saw this. I could guess what's it inside. It should be a cheque.

Yeah! I am right, it's a cheque!

It's a cheque from Emailcashpro!

What's Emailcashpro?

Okay, let me tell you. It's a company of some sort like advertisement. You can sign up as their members, then they will send you some emails. Links will be given to you in the email. If you click on the links which redirect you to their advertisement, you will get paid.

I have joined Emailcashpro for few years, and I have been receiving their cheques from time to time. It's real, not cheating! Interested to try? Click here to sign up.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Memories That Couldn't Be Kept

Day after day, time passes away. There is no reverse gear in time, it moves only forward. All the things passed, will only become history.

I am a person who loves to keep a lot of things for memories. I have few boxes in which all the things kept inside it are all my memories. From time to time, I will take it out and have a look on it, and recalling my past.

Anyway, there are things that I couldn't keep.

For example, this ones.

These are the flowers I received during my convocation.

I really wish that I could keep it, but flower will die.

taken on 10/10/2011

taken on 23/10/2011

taken on 18/12/2011 (today)

From time to time, I will be taking the photos of the flowers to keep as memories.

There are also a lot of memories that couldn't be kept by us, such as feeling. We can recall back what's our feeling in the past, but we couldn't exactly what we felt in the past.

There is a quote I like, 'life is like a river, we will never touch the same water twice'. We can have the similar feeling, but we will never have the feeling which is exactly 100% same again.

So, let's appreciate every single second we have and every single things we experience.

2 Months Working In Current Firm I Joined

Time's fast!

Haha, starting up this post with word that I have been saying frequently recently, "time's fast". Those who are following my Facebook book's posts knows, I have been saying "time's fast" nearly everyday. Right?

Don't you think time's really fast?

It has been 2 months since I joined Honglim & Associates.

Well, I was given 2 months of probation period. Probation period is a period for employers to monitor our performance in order to confirm they really want us or not. Well, anyway, it's also a period for me to evaluate myself.

Honestly, it is already 2 months. My current performance isn't satisfying me yet. I disappoint on my performance. There are still a lot of things I couldn't do it nicely. And, the worst, I made mistakes. Some of the mistakes were due to my carelessness.

On 16th November, I posted 'I wonder how long will I be in the field of audit. 1 year? 3 years? 5 years? 10 years?' in my Facebook.

So, how long will I be in audit ya? I don't know.

Recently, I started a survey to check how many of my friends regret on stepping into audit. When I ask myself this question, I am not sure how should I answer. I don't really like to be in audit but audit is a great place for me to learn a lot of things I wish to learn.

Well, the reason I choose my current firm is because of the boss. The boss is nice, smart and willing to teach us a lot of things. But now, I feel that my performance is disappointing him. I tried to perform better, but I failed to do so. It's quite disappointed.

Anyway, one more month for my probation. I don't know what other difficulties I will face. I hope it would be okay for me.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Disappointing Promotion By KFC

I believe this promotion attracts a number of people's eye. And it even becomes one of the topic now, am I right?

I knew this promotion from my colleague yesterday. We planned to go KFC for lunch today. But, later on, I felt disappointed after knowing that the promotion is over.

Yea, right, they offer such a wonderful deal, we should appreciate and thank them.

But, there are things that should be highlighted.


The validity of the coupon should be until 15th January 2012, which means ONE MONTH. What happened? One month turns to become ONE DAY? How ridiculous it is?


Yea, there is no wrong on them by saying that it's out of stock.

But, doesn't it sounds funny? The validity is last for one month, and the stock is running out in just one day time? If it's running out so fast, why don't they set the validity to one week? Preparing one day's stock for one month promotion, doesn't it sound funny?

Okay, human isn't perfect, we can't predict 100% correct. We give our one month promotion, the stocks may run out faster as we predict. But, how come it's such a huge difference? One month with one day! It's too unacceptable!

Why not saying that you are going to give away a coupon to enjoy your free meal for the whole life. And, while people go to redeem, you tell people that the it's already out of stock, in which the 'while stocks last' referring that there is only 1 coupon is giving out for redemption?

That's funny, isn't it?

I believe a lot of people are complaining and start boycott KFC now. KFC, you are now in trouble, you need to find a way to cool down the complaints.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tat Seng Restaurant's Salted Chicken

Ipoh is famous with salted chicken, agree? A lot of people are recommending it.

It hadn't eaten salted chicken for a long time ago. Few weeks ago (yea, few week ago, I delayed this post for so long), my grandmother went to Perak. I asked her to buy the salted chicken if she did pass there.

Yea, she did. And she bought.

When she bought this back, I couldn't wait to open it up.

But of course, as always, I never forgot my camera.

Let's open up the paper covering it.


Well, I quite like it. Just, it wasn't 'hot' anymore. This may made it wasn't as delicious as it should be. Next time, if I have chance, I am going to try out it at the restaurant as well as some other restaurants which are selling salted chicken.

Tat Seng Restaurant
Location: Jalan Raja Ekram, Ipoh, Perak (sorry that I don't have the full address)
Contact: 05-5476680

Monday, 12 December 2011

Yam Rice Around Megamall, Penang.

I was assigned to conduct audit at somewhere around Prai recently.

Well, I heard that yam rice there is nice.

Last Thursday, my colleagues and I went somewhere around Megamall to try it. Sorry that I couldn't really tell where is the exact place as I am not familiar the places around there.

Well, the yam rice is quite nice I would say. I ordered 2 bowls of yam rice and 1 bowl of soup. 1 bowl of yam rice seems too little, so I ordered two.

However, it seems like a little bit expensive for me. It cost me RM7.50 for that meal. Anyway, it's a good try, quite delicious.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Gathering With Investment Friends

I have just back to house about one hour ago. It's kinda late ya, it's not my style, right?

Yea, normally I don't stay out until late night. But today, it's different. It's a great night, a night to meet up a group of friends who love investment. Furthermore, I finally managed to meet Deric today!

I met Deric and his friend at Vistana Hotel in the evening, and Teong Ping fetched us to Gurney Drive for dinner.

Well, we chatted a lot. And Deric shared his knowledge. Well, I enjoy listening his sharing. He is a great person. He is good in stock market. His knowledge is great enough.

Well, he is the short term type ones. For people who know me, I am the long term type ones. Honestly, sometimes, it's hard for me to communicate with those short term ones, as our philosophies are different. But Deric is different, his mindset attracts me. I manage to sit there and listen to him words after words. I learned something from him today. And, he is really friendly as I thought. So, it's really a good gathering today.

We left the hawker stalls at around 10 something. Well, I always never forget to take a group photo.

We went Gurney Plaza's car park. Then, it was so jam. Our car couldn't move for more than 15 minutes I guess. Then we decided to have our second round at McDonald. We were chatting for another one hour.

It's really a great gathering. And, from Deric's sharing, I feel motivated to put even more effort in my investment.

To all people gathered up with me today, nice to gather with you and nice to meet you (for those who I met for the first time). And, Deric, thank you for your sharing today.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Feeling From Monday To Sunday

I saw a nice post from Fang. A post saying about her feeling from Monday to Sunday. I like it so much, because I have quite a same feeling too, so I forward her post here.

"Monday - Ahhh why is always so fast to reach on Monday?! ='{
Tuesday - Sobss Friday, why are you so slow to reach on me, why??! ==|||
Wednesday - Counting down the days ~~ =="
Thursday - Meeting ~ Can't wait to go home ~ Tomorrow is Friday !!! ='}
Friday - TGIF !!!!! Waiting to finish work and go home ~ =D
Saturday - Sleep until self-wake up, without alarm clock to wake me up ~
Sunday - What??! So fast need to back to work tomorrow??! Grrrr ~ ='S"

- Quoted from
Tomorrow is Tuesday, I think I am going to say, "Sobss Friday, why are you so slow to reach on me, why??!".

How about you? Do you have the same feeling too?

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Group Purchase - Mixed Pork Soup + Yam Rice At Q Garden

One deal in Everyday attracted me. It's a deal of yam rice with mixed pork soup at Q Garden. Q Garden locates at No 1045, Jalan Paya Terubong, 11060 Penang, which is very near to my house. It's just about 15 minutes walking distance from my house. I having been thinking to try the yam rice. Now, this deal is on Everyday, so I bought it.

In this year, we will get 2 sets of yam rice with mixed pork soup at only RM5.70 (saved 50%). So, it's RM2.85 per set, quite cheap, isn't it?

Well, actually Q Garden is selling yam rice during the lunch time and serving steamboat and BBQ at night.

When my cousin and her husband came to Penang few weeks ago, we went there to have a dinner. Among all the food served there, I like its 'sotong' the most.