Monday, 17 October 2011

First Day of My Working Life

I believe those who are following what's happening on me know that I started my working life today. I am back to the war of auditing.

To avoid from late, I departed from my house at 7 o'clock. I reached KOMTAR very early. And I reached my new workplace at around 8.10 am. This morning, I received messages from people to wish me all the best in my jobs. Seriously, I appreciate that. Thanks to you all ya!

I believe some of people want to know how's my first day of working.

I have nothing much to comment, just can say, it's a working life. That's all.

Actually, I wondered and worried how late will I reach home after work. Now, I have the answer. I reached home at around 7.20 pm today. Luckily the traffic wasn't too heavy. Anyway, something make me smile on the way back home. Guess what's that? Haha. Actually, it's just a simple thing. The bus is full of people. At a station, a passenger got down and there was a empty seat. I didn't make any move toward it although I was the nearest person to the seat, because there was an old uncle there. Suddenly, he gave me a signal to ask me to sit down. I returned him another signal to give him that seat. And he finally took the seat. So, what made me smile? Well, I am happy to see the uncle is so selfless.

Tomorrow is going to be my second day in Honglim & Associates. I hope I can adopt to work in that firm. Good luck to me ya.


  1. sometime smile is easy to get from the simple thing around us

  2. good luck n all the best in new chapter of life!

  3. 'sometime smile is easy to get from the simple thing around us'
    Like this ones.

    Thanks Mr. Lonely and Wen ya.

  4. good luck. and u are kind too.

  5. Thanks. Haha, just being what I should do as a teenager. Hehe.

  6. Good Luck LuPorTi !!
    Hope it wont be too late for ya !! ^^

  7. Haha. Sure it isn't too late. Thanks ya.