Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My Convocation

I am officially a UUM graduate now!

3rd October was a memorable day for me, the day I officially received my degree.

My family and I departed from home at around 4.40am. During the journey, it rained heavily, and we reached a bit late. I was worrying on getting late at there. Luckily, I was late for a little bit only, and everything wasn't realy start yet.

The moment of photographing with my friends in UUM was thing that exciting me the most! When I was in the hall, I couldn't stop thinking the photographing session. I felt really very excited on it.

This is the first person I took photo with after I got out from the hall.

Know who is he? He was my roommate since second semester. He is a good roommate. I feel glad to have him as my roommate for 6 semesters. Let's check out other photos.

And here, these are all the convocation gifts that I receives. I really appreciate everything that they have given to me. Thanks you all ya!

Happy graduation to me and my friends!


  1. congratulations on your convo,
    this is part of the life journey
    of which there is still along road ahead,
    may you endure it with strength and courage.

  2. congrats to your convocation ~

  3. Congratulation! U took lots of photos, so nice! I hope my turn come faster...haha =p

  4. Mine? Still long..LOL, I just start my degree..haha! :P

  5. Congratulation~~~~~~~ ^^
    happy for ya! ALl the best in the future!

  6. Juice, haha, then you still need to wait. Seriously, convocation is nice where all friends and juniors come to wish you.

    EaSoon and Weiyin, thanks ya.

  7. Hello there! Thanks for visit and comment on my blog - Travel and Living Journal of DT.

    Congratulation on your graduation. I still remember the day I was graduate, I damn nervous especially when going up to the stage. But taking photo is really the most unforgettable moment.

    Wah! Lots of photos and presents I can see. ^^
    Congratz one again to you and feel free to vist my blog as always. Have a great day.

  8. Thanks Teo.

    Haha. Yaya. I took a lot of photos, I spent my whole noon to take photos with family, friends and my juniors. It's a wonderful moment.

    Sure, I have followed your blog, will view your blog from time to time. :) Thanks for your visit to my blog as well.

  9. Congratulations!!! mine still long way to go...huhuhu

  10. Thanks, Magdalene. Time's fast.

  11. Ur web too geng d. I search my name, and it brought me to your web XD