Tuesday, 18 October 2011

What Made Me Smiled In My Second Day of Working

Today is my second day of working.

Yeah! I managed to wake up at 6 am again. After I woke up, didn't know why, my brain straight doing some calculation. Then I realized that, due to go for work, I have only 2 to 3 hours per day for me to do my things during weekday, it's totally very little. I should appreciate my weekend!

Today, nothing special in my work. But again, something make me smile again today. Yesterday, it is the selfish uncle made me smiled. How about today?

I went McD to have my lunch today. I ordered a set lunch and I ordered Coke-Light as my drink. However, Coke was served for me. Anyway, I didn't realized that. And, I won't blame them as well even I knew, as there were a lot of customers that time, they might make mistake.

However, while I was eating, surprisingly, the person who took my order approached me with a Coke-Light on hand. He apologized and told me that he made the mistake. I told him I already started drinking that cup of Coke. He told me that I can refill for Coke-Light afterward. I was happy with his service, and he was so polite.

My joy didn't stop there. After I finished my set lunch, I went toward the counter. That guy saw me, and quickly asked the crew to refill a Coke-Light for me. I returned him with a nice smile. I am really enjoy the moment. This is called 'CUSTOMER SERVICE'.

As Jace jie commented in my previous post, First Day of My Working Life, 'sometime smile is easy to get from the simple thing around us', it's pretty true, just two simple things happened to me yesterday and today, but both two matters made me smiled.


  1. optimistic! i looking forward for your third smile and so on...

  2. you are quite lucky. such of good services not often happen especially at malaysia.

  3. Jace, haha.
    Angeline, haha. Yalo! With such a great service, I suddenly thought of 'I should give more sales to that McD' at that time. Haha.

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