Sunday, 16 October 2011

Final Day Before My New Working Life

I am going to start my new working life tomorrow. I mentioned in my previous post, 'Going To Work Soon', I was trying to adjust my sleeping time. I failed it twice, but I made it this morning. I successfully woke up at 6 am. I hope tomorrow I can wake up on time too.

So, today is the final day for me before start my new working life.

I went out with my cousin and her husband in the morning. We went for breakfast and then Kek Lok Si.

We actually planned to go Penang Hill after Kek Lok Si. Unfortunately, time isn't allow, I was going to attend a blogger event. So, I left them after having lunch together, and they went Penang Hill themselves.

There was a gathering of bloggers in Z Classroom, Time Square at 3.30 pm.

It was a nice event. We were chatting while forgetting the time. When I was about to leave, I realized it was already about 5.30pm.

I am going to blog about this gather in next few days. Stay tune.


  1. Haha. You left already. We took photo at 5.30pm. Actually, until what time you were there?

  2. all the best to your new work~